Scotland Beach

Everyone has their own interpretation for the best vacation spots in the world. Some would like to explore the world by air, land etc., but few people loves to explore the world by water. A day at a beach is great but better stills is a long weekend when you have the time to experience something thing different and unique with your family and friends. .Apart from this you can enjoy the different types of adventurous water sports like rafting, sailing, skiing, sea fishing etc. So, here are destinations which you can explore by water

The Andaman island

The isolated Andaman and Nicobar island are best known for its ultimate geographic location and fantastic marine life. One can spend day with fishing around Havelock Island or Barren Island. The sandy beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar island are the nest of Leather back turtle, Green sea turtle, Salt water crocodile, water lizard etc.

  • Best time to visit :October to May
  • Duration: 14 days/13 nights
  • Approx… price: Rs.21,000 per person
Andaman Islands

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Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala is known for its beautiful beaches and extensive back water. It is one of the major tourist attractions for the Indian as well as foreigner. You can easily find here the most charming beaches of the world, coconut gloves. Natural harbour , lagoons and the pleasant tropical sun. You could try fishing or even go for a small swim from super luxary  Taj Cinnamon coast. 

  • Best time to visit: Sep to Feb
  • Duration:9 days/8 night
  • Approx.price-Rs. 28,000 per person on twin sharing basis


Kerela Houseboat

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It lying 1,000 miles east of Kenya and it is often known as the original garden of Eden. It is one of the world’s very last frontier, promise adventurous, and breathe taking natural beauty in pristine surrounded which is still untouched by man.

  • Best time to visit: Through out the year
  • Duration: one week
  • Approx.Price: 1 lakh

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It is known for offering some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, they are noy just beautiful but they are magical. It is the choice of those who simply takes in the natural beauty, exploring sands, marine life and the sea. Imagine whales dip gracefully in and out of the water and you are watching it. You can expect to see minks whales, sharks, dolphin and a vast number of sea birds.

  • Best time to visit-July and August
  • Duration-4 days/3 nights
  • Approx .Price-Rs. 13,000 per person on twin sharing basis.
Scotland Beach

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