Bharti Airtel’s ME-TIZE service : Smart and reachable

Bharati Airtel has brought a sensational change in their working culture since last few months. They have proved that even emails are now snail mail with their remarkable intranet service named as “Me-Tize”. Bharati has taken the special designed templates of IBM and almost 20000 employees have started working in this new forum. Each can communicate within themselves via SMS  (  Me tize ) as a substitute of email.

Mobile sms

Mobile sms

As per Dr Jai Menon, the brain behind the project, no other company in the world has implemented this platform. Mr Menon heads the technology and customer service at Bharati. This technology works not only in smart phones but also in normal phones. It works round the clock and has cut the TAT of the company to minimal thereby adding to its productivity and convenience.

As the world becomes more of Mobile fashioned and ads coming like “Walk and talk”, people have become more reachable on their phones than on emails or computer. ( We thought carrying notebook was smarter ? Think Again ).

Keeping indian aspect in mind not everybody is sitting before computer all the time but they are roaming for work, pickups etc.  You need your documents to be accessable now on phone than on your computer. As phones can connect to internet easily getting access to intranet portal through secured wireless connection is easy.

The employees of Bharati can now access their HR related documents like salary statements, leave records, medical and insurance data on the mobiles without having to raise queries via “me tize” service.

Strong security has been maintained for it. IBM has ensured that all SMSs have been linked to the back end of the company. Bharti Airtel’s CEO Mr Manoj Kohli proudly accepts Bharati Airtel to be the weird company in the world with “me tize”.  

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