BB vs Iphone

Just a week before when Apple’s, iPhone 3GS is ready to be launched in India next week, Blackberry makers RIM has launched the latest smartphone, BlackBerry Storm 2 priced at Rs 31,990. iPhone is likely to be priced around Rs 33,000 ( 16GB ) and Rs 42000 (32 GB ).

Both the phones have their own class but when it comes to Business, nothing beats out a BlackBerry Phone and with touch features availble, iPhone 3GS will receive a good competition in the market. Moreover RIM has revamped the Black Berry Storm which gives users an experience of both Advance communication and Multimedia experience which means this Phone might appeal to even regular user who just hate phones which are just smart and no fun.

BB vs Iphone

So now question to you. Will you prefer a Blackberry Storm over iPhone 3GS ?

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