Bonus to Laboures to be paid by cheque

The word ‘bonus’ itself is enough to make our eyebrows rise and definitely a smile comes on every face.It may be Diwali or Puja we all expect an yearly bonus. And no wonder we do keep some of our requirements aside awaiting this bonus to fulfill. in the corporate  world this bonus is either given directly to the employee’s account or in gift vouchers. But still there are many who give this bonus by cash.

Vanishing BonusAnd there comes the word exploitation. The laboures are paid bonus if any, in cash. It is seen that the weaker sections are being exploited here. They dont receive the actual amount as declared by the management.Being afraid to raise the voice they keep their mouth shut and accept silently.The Congress-led Government Democartic Front Government has ordered that the mode of bonus payment should be either via cheque or to be directly credited to each account.
This practice will definitely will benefit all in many aspects, especially “Unethical practices” will be fully in control.But if the amount needs to be credited or paid in cheque there will be a major problem I believe. The weaker sections especially the labor class hardly have any bank account, at least not all. So the frist step that needs to be done is by opening account for all those who are eligible for bonus at least. This will again lead to further problems like the KYC formalities of the banks for opening the account. But the biggest of all is to educate the banking norms.

So before implementing this act the Governement needs to think the pros and cons of the decision.


  1. One more step in the direction of employees friendly attitude of the government. Resultantly, those who don’t know how to operate/or have bank account will be forced to have one for transparent relations. Initial hiccups could be overcome in the days to come, just like illiterate did in using mobile phones.

  2. i do agree wid u… definitely there will be problem initially but things will work if we all try…


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