Bryan Adams India Tour [Schedule and Tickets]

Bryan Adams doesn’t need any introduction, one of the most popular music icon across the globe, is not only a singer. Bryan Adams also is a songwriter, guitarist, bassist, producer, and photographer. Well, if you too belong to his fans community, you might be aware of his India Tour (also to perform in Kathmandu, Nepal and Dhaka, Bangladesh, ICC Cricket Worldcup opening ceremony at Dhaka).

Bryan Adams India Tour [Schedule and Tickets]

Here is the schedule for his India, Nepal and Bangladesh tour –

Bryan Adams India Tour Schedule and tickets

If you want to watch his performance live, details about the tickets and where to get them from are available on Bryan Adam’s official website, just check out the left panel.  Tickets for the Bryan Adam’s performance in Indian cities are also available in select branches of the State Bank of India.

Bryan Adam will also be appealing to the Indian fans to become Vegetarian, he himself had stopped consuming Dairy Products long back and is fully Vegetarian since 1988.


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