Butter Chicken worth 6000 INR. Will you buy it ?

Yes you read it right and thats only 2 servings so you get a portion of it. Iran Bharat Saxena, the mind nehind anarkali.in is a great fan of Butter Chicken and after 8 years of experiment of making the perfect butter chicken on earth claims it to be best.

The dish has been named Anarkali and is served laced with gold and silver foil for two people. Its available in Hyderbad and can be ordered online only.

Anarkali : Worlds Costliets Butter

Anarkali : Worlds Costliest Butter Chicken

They have also listed out their ingreditents of Butter Chicken but without measurements which you can find here.  Now if questions has already started shooting in your mind about the business model and sucess of this, Mr Saxena has  decided to sell it till December 1st and thereafter it will be preprared only for Charitable Purpose.  After which this will availble only to people who send a draft of 1lack to Akshaya Patra Foundation and Anarkali team will send you 4 servings of Butter Chicken for free.

Even now there is a 800 Rs Money Back Policy which they give it you so that you can spend it for a charitable cause of your choice.   You can read more on their FAQ Section

This directly shows the good cause behind the costly butter chicken. They are their for the cause and will target richer segment of people to get more chairty towards associations and help the poor and needful.

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