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Remember Amitabh Bachchan in Yaarana (1981), performing to the tunes of ‘Saraa Zamaana..Haseeno ka Deewana..’,  with small light bulbs all around his dress. Yes those were light bulbs, LEDs were not in trend at that time, and Amitabh had a switch of these lights bulbs in his hand, and these bulbs were using live electricity wires. If somehow you too want something of this sort, i.e. lights flashing on your dress, you can get one for you. LED T-shirts are here, they have LEDs, which are battery operated.

I tried finding out the resources for it, but could come up with just two resources –

  • XTees –

XTees is offering 12 LED T-shirts in their LED T-shirt section, these LEDs flash on the tunes of beats being played around you, imagine yourself in a noisy Discotheque, or you can have a look the videos of these T-shirts on the LED T-shirt category page, and order them online, you can make a selection from 12 available options.

LED Flashing T-shirts @ Xtees

Another resource to buy a Flashing LED T-shirt, these too flash on the tunes of music around you, here you can find 4 options.

Flashing LED Tshirts buy online @ Exciting Lives

So, go ahead and grab one, if this concept of Flashing LED T-shirts mesmerized you at all.

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  1. Looks like SRK can act in a a remake of the song “Saara Zamana” using this LED T-Shirt….lol

  2. can light change with music beat>>? i wanna buy it i am from gujrat ur co. no. plz.

  3. @Teju We are not a T-shirt company, you can check out the hyperlinks in Post (XTees and Exciting Lives)and order them online.

  4. US1.5$ per.
    Product Description:
    EL glow T-shirt
    Brace yourselves for a new cheesy number has arrived–Sound Activated Flashing T Shirt! That is a shirt with a built in sound sensitive graphic equalizer. When the music beats, the equalizer moves to the beat of music! Different music frequency will activate a different equalizer bar, just like equalizer on your home stereo! Its an important accessory for concerts, Discos, parties and even raves! It has a fully functional Electro Luminescence panel with a battery pack hided discretely in a pocket inside the T-shirt or clipped to trousers belt. The end result is a sound sensitive music T-Shirt that commands attention.

    You have many chooses on the products

    We have many existing designs for you to choose
    We also welcome customized designs to show your imagination on the product. If
    You have any pictures want to be shown on t-shirt, pls contact us for the OEM issue.
    Using method:

    Use 4 x AAA batteries as power supply. Beat sound are all robust to test flashing at certain extremes.

    In order to ensure the longevity of products, we recommend you take the following guidelines:

    Use standard AAA batteries where required
    Slide switch to operate power
    Use selector on pack to choose the suitable sensitive degree upon the sound surroundings.
    Do not bend or apply pressure to the flash panel to avoid broken of sheet or circuitry. Wash instruction:

    Unplug battery pack, take off flashing sheet, inverter and cable
    Normal wash for the t-shirt
    Re-plug in after t-shirt is completely dried


    Avoid creasing the light panel when putting on or taking off.
    Avoid forcing and stretching the wire system.
    Avoid getting wet while the system is on or with batteries.

    Packing information:
    Packed by polybag, 1PC/bag
    50PCS/carton, 19.5kg/carton

    Carton Size: 60cm*35cm*40cm

    100% cotton; Yarn 21s; Fabric weight: 180g/sqm

  5. Thanks a lot Manav

  6. Hi.

    Ill like to have the pictures, prices and samples of the different designs of flash t shirt you have. kindly send me the prices with pictures and quotations to


  7. Hi.

    Ill like to have the pictures, prices and samples of the different designs of flash t shirt you have. kindly send me the prices with pictures and quotations to


  8. how do i buy led tshirt

  9. @Shivam Visit the hyperlinks X Tees and EXCITING LIVES.

  10. Do u have a shop in Mumbai suburbs?

  11. I want to buy t-shirt but not found on XTEES N EXCITING LIVES
    Can any one help me out plz bcs its v urgent till this 31 Dec 2014

  12. Hello help led t-shirts DJ give plzzzz

  13. Hi I want to order LED Tshirts with headphones in the middle how can I order and is white colour also available.

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