Buying a used car in India? Get it checked by experts @ veriCAR

Getting a second-hand car is a tricky business and when it comes to Indian Market its even more and there are lot of reasons for that. I havent heard many buying a second-hand car  because very few are able to get a trust generated and apart from that whom do we consult to have more confidence in this issue ? Dad, Your mechanic, boss or many be somebody who you had seen changing his car every 3 months.

Get the car verified

Get the car verified

Jagasia and Sighee believed it otherwise. Being experts in the Auto sector they have started out a service in India named as veriCar, a service which

  • Ensures that the second-hand car is in perfect mechanical health to be used by you.
  • Make sure the car hasnt suffered a major accidents which could reduce the life
  • and to make a deal they can suggest you the right price.

Kartikeya is the technical tour-de-force behind veriCAR, and has honed his skills at some of the best automobile workshops in Pune. Today, he is one of India’s most respected automobile journalists.

Jayesh is an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, and to his credit, has worked in diverse sectors ranging from software programming to buying and selling commodities – none of which move on wheels.

The process of verification of the car happens in 4 steps : You call them, get an appointment, get your car verified and get a report on that.  Yes you will have to pay certain amount for doing the tests on the second-hand car you want to buy.

I would suggest you to take a look at the complete process by checking out the 4 services they give :

  • veriFy
  • veriFind
  • veriSure
  • veriReport

You have complete details on pricing on every module and you can check out a sample report here

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