Can you Name Hindi Months ?

Hindi CalendarToday when dad came back from morning walk he asked all of us if we can tell hindi months name like we have January Feb etc in english. We all were clean bold except mom and that became the inspiration of this post. Enjoy.

  • March/April    चैत्र ( Chaitra)
  • April/May    वैशाख ( Vaishakh)
  • May/June    ज्येष्ठ (Jyestha )
  • June/July    आषाढ ( Ashad )
  • July/August    श्रावण ( Sraavan )
  • August/September    भद्रपद (Bhadrapad )
  • September/October    अश्विन ( Ashwin )
  • October/November    कार्तिक ( Kartik )
  • November/December    मार्गशीर्ष ( Marg Sheersh )
  • December/January    पौष ( Posh)
  • January/February    माघ ( Maagh )
  • February/March    फाल्गुन ( Phalgun )

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