Carctol : Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer

With more than 40 years of experience, Jaipur based Dr Nand Lal Tiwari has come up with a new medicine for cancer patients. His new research, Carctol is purely ayurvedic and Dr Tiwari claims it to “the most trusted medicine for better lives” which can be used for the treatment of any form of cancer.



Carctol has been fisrt discussed at the recent 14th Annual National Conference of Breast Cancer Foundation of India held on 8th of Mrach 2010. The medicine is in capsule form and is taken at regular interval of 6 hours. Its 80 day course and to be taken with a low acidic diet and a high intake of water. It is effective at the advance stages of cancer and can be taken along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The medicine has been copyrighted in 180 countries.

Visit the official site for more detail here which says :

When used either complementary to conventional medicine or as an alternative therapy this herbal compound has helped many patients in their battle against cancer. Carctol® is a treatment which consists of a pure natural herbs and must be taken with a low acidic diet and a high intake of water.

Karela which is already a miracle for Breast Cancer , we hope Carctol brings cure to cancer.

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  1. Hi, my name is Susan and I have brain tumors and my two sons do to. Neurofibtomatosis 2 is what is called. I live in United States and don’t know we’re I can get it. Can u please give me advice on that.
    Thanks so much

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