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Right from PayPal to businesses coming to India. It’s all about the news. Learn How to Apply for Patents Online in India or can how you can your sneakers repaired for low or get custom bikes done.

Get more returns in Government savings and investments schemes

There is a good news for all the investor. On Friday, Finance Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee  approved major changes in the National Small Savings Fund (NSSF) and post office savings schemes to...

Kisan Credit Card for medium and small enterprise

Bengal government is planning to introduce Kisan credit card facility for the micro, medium and small enterprises where interest rates can be between 7 to 10 % but will defiantly help lot of farmers and free them from taking loan from local mahajans.
Plastic Currency

Plastic Currency Notes Coming soon in India!

There is a good news for all Indian as the Government of India is going to introduce the plastic currency note which will not only make sure that it is harder for forge notes to circulate in India but also make sure your husband is not angry on you because you missed checking his pocket for forgotten notes. :)
Hero MotoCorp

Hero Honda name changed to Hero MotoCorp

One of the India's largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Honda has officially changed its name to Hero MotoCorp after its shareholders approved the name change. The new name is already effective now with their new website at which previously was

India to Introduce Accrual System New Accounting Method

Under the accrual system, transactions are recorded at the time when economic value is created, exchanged, transferred or impaired, irrespective of whether cash is actually exchanged or not.
Store your less used or unused goods in safe environment and save space

Store unused stuff away from home, in a safe environment

StoreMore is a storage service where you can store any of your stuff and get it back later which means could be when you have grown old and want to see it again. This is like a Locker service except that it comes to you.
Top Performing Mutul Fund

Top performing Mutual funds

Mutual Fund is an instrument of investing money. Nowadays, bank rates are goes down and the position of the stock market is not very stable. Therefore, neither  keeping large amounts of money...
iPad India Pricing

Apple officially announces iPad price in India

Apple has officially announced iPad Pricing in India at the India Store. Compared to what we heard from telegraph its pretty close but it is still higher probably because the taxes...
IVR 3D Secure

Addtional Password required to use Credit Card over Telephone or Mobile

According to recent update in RBI guidelines and as notified by my bank, All Credit card holders will need to have an additional password that will be prompted when using over...
Toyota to Launch Etios Hatchback and Sedan in India

Etios: Toyota’s attempt to get a share in Entry level Car Market

We have observed several small and mid-sized cars entering the Indian Market in last two years, and seems like it has become damn important for a car manufacturer to launch a...

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