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Indian Paypal Accounts Receive limit increased to 3000$

RBI PayPal

Finally RBI and Indian Government has come to a better solution which increases the limit of amount of money received  in your Indian PayPal account from 500$ to 3000$ which is a big relief for Merchantman, Bloggers, Freelancers or anyother business which has used Paypal to get money to their Bank Account. This is effective immediately. It all started with restriction on no transfer when RBI wanted to control ...

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Kisan Credit Card for medium and small enterprise

Bengal government is planning to introduce Kisan credit card facility for the micro, medium and small enterprises where interest rates can be between 7 to 10 % but will defiantly help lot of farmers and free them from taking loan from local mahajans.

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Plastic Currency Notes Coming soon in India!

Plastic Currency

There is a good news for all Indian as the Government of India is going to introduce the plastic currency note which will not only make sure that it is harder for forge notes to circulate in India but also make sure your husband is not angry on you because you missed checking his pocket for forgotten notes. :)

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Hero Honda name changed to Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp

One of the India's largest two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Honda has officially changed its name to Hero MotoCorp after its shareholders approved the name change. The new name is already effective now with their new website at which previously was

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Top performing Mutual funds

Top Performing Mutul Fund

Mutual Fund is an instrument of investing money. Nowadays, bank rates are goes down and the position of the stock market is not very stable. Therefore, neither  keeping large amounts of money in bank  nor the money investing in the stock market is an good option because as in real terms the value of money decreases over a period of time. ...

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Features and Benefits of LIC Bima Account Plan 1 and 2

LIC Bema Plan

LIC has launched Bima Account Plan which in short is non-linked plan under which you can be covered without undergoing any medical examination subject to certain conditions. Below is a summary of the plans which I received from my LIC Agent. It is also called as without profit variable insurance plans. LIC Bima Account I & II at a Glance ...

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Products made at Tihar Jail : Availble at TJ’s Store

Tihar Jail Shirts

Tihar Jail is the most famous Jail in Asia not only because you have heard them in Hindi Movies but because  it is the largest prison complex in the world with 10 Prisons inside and with total  capacity of 12000 prisoners according to the official website and there is something else which is making it famous : The product line. ...

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