Indian Business

Rage Chocolatier : Home made premium quality chocolates

Rage Choclate

When you think of Chocolates there are only few names that comes up, Dairy Milk, Five Star and so on. The chocolate industry in India is of 3000 Crore majorly bagged by the branded companies, market of which are still non shakable and this is where Rashmi Vaswani had dived in with her home made premium quality chocolates, Rage Chocolatier. Started in 2006, Rage ...

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MyDala : Power of Group Buying

MyDala Offers

Many times it happens that our mind and eyes got stuck on some products and we wish to have one. But the soaring price again binds our hands from going into wallet. But Mydala gives you a solution here.  Started in November 2009, Anisha is Founder and CEO of Mydala works on a simple strategy of “power of group ...

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Innovation that keeps up with you in every weather

Dhama Innovations

ClimaCon,Thats what Kranthi Vistakula named the technology that is behind a  jacket, helmet and even a neck cover which can keep your body temperature between 18 to 40 anytime, any place and in any weather you want.  Kranthi, who now runs Dhama Innovations,  got this idea because of his personal fight with cold while he was studying at MIT at Boston and now this technology is already ...

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Selling Sugarcane Juice is a Good Business for Cane-O-La

SugarCane Juice

Looks like Selling sugarcane juice is not a bad business at all, specially when there is a reason why you should say no to cold drinks and Pepsi has an active program which is asking people to go for Low Calorie. Cane-O-La is a Sugarcane Juice Selling company, in Bangalore,  started by G.Srinivas Rao which branded the sugarcane juice for the ...

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Is India ready for Future e-bazaar?

E-Bazar in India

India’s largest retailer, Future Group will soon move to digital commerce in a big way. Presently the group is working on Future E-commerce. The products will range from bedspreads to treadmills.   The modes that the group is planning to opt are internet, mobile phones television, and manned kiosks. Under the manned kiosks the customers will be able to browse and ...

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Kingfisher Xpress : Same day courier delivery services by Air

Kingfisher Xpress

In today’s fast moving business world, time is often critical. To keep this view in mind, Kingfisher  Xpress introduces  India’s first same day courier delivery services by air.  .If you needs same day delivery services by air for your parcels, documents, or even packages, you need no look further. Here is the solution of your problem. This service ensures that ...

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RBI : Teaser rates are cause of concern

House Loans

Indian banks might be just doing what  US banks dad and that turned out into massive number of customers who were not able to play back the loan. Teaser rates  is what concerns the RBI. In short teaser rates are interest rates which are very compared to real rate but they are given for 1st year and then slowly increased ...

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Hamleys, a 250 year-old toy retailer from UK comes to India

There are more than 375 million children in India, the largest number for any country in the world, and probably this is the reason which brought Hamleys to India, it was August 2008, Reliance Retail announced the launch of an exclusive Pan India Franchise arrangement with Hamleys, the finest toys in the world. First Hamleys store was opened in Mumbai, ...

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An Innovative idea to answer your questions

Ask Birbal

There have been times when we want our questions to be answered at the same time. You want to know the address of a hospital or just a meaning of some word, or you want to know the list of the best colleges in America or the best restaurants in an unknown city. Youwant to know the oldest website or ...

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