Indian Culture

Vintage Car Rally 2012 Kolkata : Photo Shoot

Among our generation there are rare cases in which a person isn’t fascinated or wooed by the Cars from Vintage Era or the Classic Age , We who were born around 70s to 80s were lucky to see the development and still adore the Vintage these days.So if you get Invited to be a part of the Awesome Experience of ...

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Vintage Car Rally 2011 Kolkata : Video and Picture Shoot

Vintage Car Rally 2011 Pictures

Vintage Car Rally, 2011 took place at Kolkata on 9th January. This event was organized at the Fort William Stadium and sponsored by Statesman. I along with Kuntal and Bibhas attended the event to look at the those old cars and were pretty amazed on seeing how cars where like 50 60 years back. There were cars from British time, ...

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How is Karwa Chauth celebrated ?

Karwa Chauth Moon

India is the called the land of festivals. Many festivals celebrated throughout the country.One of them is Karwa chauth.Let us discuss something about Karwa chauth.It is a day long fast undertaken by married Hindu women who offer prayers seeking the welfare, prosperity, well-being, and long life of their husbands. When it is celebrated: The festival is basically marked on the ...

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Immersion of Idols and Polluting the water – Who is responsible ?

Idol Immersion

Idol worship is the common concept for the Hindu. It might be at your home or can be any festive like Durga Puja or Kali Puja, Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja etc. Bengal especially is famous for its festivity and the immersion of the idols is also practiced. But we as a common man have ever thought that the immersions of ...

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Learn about Mughal Empire [ Online Interactive Resource ]

Know more about Mughals via an interactive online resource

Mughal Empire was an Indian-Islamic dynasty which ruled a large portion of Indian Subcontinent for a very long period. Several monuments, and legends like Akbar, Shah Jahan etc. were the rulers from this dynasty. If you want to read more about Mughal Empire, you can refer to this Wikipedia page. Here we are talking about an interactive online resource, Mughal ...

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Types of Music in India

Rajasthan folk music

India is a country known for its unity in diversity. The country has twenty eight states and each one has its own mother tongue, religion, culture and tradition but the music is the one thing which makes all the country together. However, there are many types of music in the country. Music is the soul of the nature; it may be ...

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Dowry Free Marriage – An Innovative Idea of Keralites

It’s a myth that birth, death & marriages of every human is pre-decided by God. But then also in today’s Internet World, matrimonial sites are one of the most profitable Business. But top it off People mindset regarding taking dowry is still not changed & often we see  different news in Newspaper where women are burns ,stabbed or hanged because ...

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Pictures of Old times of India

If you have ever imagined How India and Indians looked in old days which goes as far as 1910, here are few glimpse of history which includes snapshots at time of Britishers.  Disclaimer : I got the images in a mail, and its credited to whoever it belongs to.

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‘Mile sur mera tumhara’ – How soothing is the new version?

‘Mile Sur MeraTumhara’, the evergreen song that represents the Unity in Diversity in India. The song has always been a spellbound catching every ear, murmuring every lips. On 26th January 2010 the song has been re launched with a new face – Phir Mile Sur.  ‘Mile Sur MeraTumhara’, was telecast for the first time on Independence Day 1988, after the ...

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Selling Aluminium cans to help for wedding

We have heard couples doing all the crazy things for love. But have you heard couple collecting aluminum cans to help themselves for their wedding. To add here it’s not only love for them but also for the environment. The couple from Spokane, Washington, Pete and Andrea is collecting aluminum cans to help to pay for their wedding on 31st ...

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