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Indian Culture has been one of the richest in the world. These set of posts talk about Indian Culture, History, Crafts, and discovery

Indian Manuscripts

Online Database for Indian Manuscripts & What you can do if you have one

Manuscripts are handwritten documents which are very old and have significant scientific, historical, or aesthetic value. It can be on paper, bark, cloth, metal, palm leaf, or any other material dating...

Types of Dance Styles in India

DANCE is a lucid expression of human beings. Like INDIAN Culture dances are also diverse. It’s an art where you can express without words also. The essential feature in classical dances...

Download Independence Day Wallpaper (15th August )

After I saw Manav's post on first pictures of Indian Independence, I became more interested to find a few more wallpapers for upcoming  Indian Independence Day. Here is a collection of...

First Independence Day Celebrations Pictures in Delhi AUGUST 15, 1947

August 15, 1947, was the day when India got back the much-awaited Freedom. British left India and a vibe of happiness pervaded all over. Here are some images of the 1st ...
Temples of India List

Looking for Indian Temples? Indian Temples Portal is the right place

India is a known place for temples, in fact, it counts for the highest number of temples when compared to any other part of the world. However, it is very difficult...
How to find Festivals of India, upcoming Vrat, Puja, Hindi Panchang

How to find Festivals of India, upcoming Vrat, Puja, Hindi Panchang

It is not surprising when a young Indian is asked about upcoming festivals; he doesn’t know about it. You might argue that we always remember Diwali, Holi, etc. But these are...
How to Drape a Sari like a Pro. History of Sari

Sari: Covers all, yet Reveals all

Ethnic wear, an unstitched fabric of feminine elegance, a sensual attire or a six-yard wonder. Sari can be defined in a thousand other ways round, but in one word, it only...
Indian Woodcraft

India Wood Crafts: Online store to buy Wooden Indian handicrafts

Indian Handicrafts and Woodcraft are famous for its beauty and uniqueness. We usually buy them when you are on travel, or at some festival, but then that’s not possible all the...
Vastu Tips for Home

Ten Tips for your Home according to Vastu

Many time, we heard about the vastu and the things we should do for our houses, offices etc. I believe that these vastu practices bring happiness, wealth and prosperity in the life of the person.
who invented ATN

Who invented the ATM ? Who created Modern ATM?

We all hate to go to the bank and stand in a queue to take money out. It’s because of the busy schedule and lack of time and strict banking hours....

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