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Buy Flashing LED T-shirts online

Flashing LED Tshirts buy online @ Exciting Lives

Remember Amitabh Bachchan in Yaarana (1981), performing to the tunes of ‘Saraa Zamaana. Haseeno Ka Deewana.’,  with small light bulbs all around his dress. Yes, those were light bulbs, LEDs were not in trend at that time, and Amitabh had a switch of these lights bulbs in his hand, and these bulbs were using live electricity wires. If somehow you ...

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Buy different types of fashionable Bangles online

Buy different types of non traditional fashionable vogue Bangles online

Bangles have been a very important part of Indian Culture.Recently I was in Delhi, and there I had to visit this Bangle shop in a mall in Gurgaon. There was a mention on a board which said you can buy the bangles from their online store as well. No doubt the bangles in this shop were pretty modern type, which ...

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Rent a Party wear, save your money and donate for a cause too

Sonia Mehra of Dial a Dress rent a party wear Mumbai

Having tough time to decide on your outfits for the party tonight, and don’t want to repeat the dress you wore in last party? What do you do in such case, naturally, you will either have to make a choice from your cupboard or you will have to spend a real good amount to buy a new dress. Mumbaikar’s (read ...

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How to take care of your Pearls


Pearls are costly and taking care of them is you should always do. I talked on How to smartly buy pearl, a real pearl and now below are the tips on keeping them properly. Always wear your pearl ornament after you have finished your make up and perfume as it will help you to keep the pearl clean. Even while ...

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Tips for buying Pearls


Every women has a fascination for jewellery. Before buying any jewellery we always double check no matter if its made of gold, silver, diamond , platinum or say pearl. Even when they buy any artificial ones they always buy with utmost care. And why not? We all should think twice before parting from our hard earned money. Many of us ...

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Fill vacant spaces of the walls of your home with Smart Art

Smart Art Poster Samples

Be it your favourite cartoon or you want to present your child with a poster of his/her image embossed, smart art is the right place where you are. It gives you a chance of gifting really something different to your child or someone special. Smart art has a range of subjects that will definitely help you in finding your choice. Smart art splashes ...

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Revamp your wardrobe without buying new clothes

Old Sari to New Sari

We get bored of our clothes after wearing them over years. Or it sometimes happens that our wardrobe is full of clothes and yet we don’t have anything to wear. Our pocket does not allow us to buy anything new or we simply do not want to buy anything.  One attire which can be revamped according to our taste without ...

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How To Design Your Own Garment ?

How to design a suite in step

Clothes come in a variety today.Often one does not like something or has something in mins which she wants to wear.It also happens that our pocket does not allow a designer wear or we do not see that particular thing we have in our mind in the market. So the best thing to do is make the garment ourselves!! Here ...

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How important it is to take adequate care of your clothes?

Laundary Day

Once textile fabrics have been produced and fabricated into apparel or any other finished product it has to ultimately restored by either laundering or dry-cleaning.Sometimes initially bleaching or simply ironing is also a method depending on the nature of the product. If one skips this hygienic process of cleaning it is not a pleasant experience. Every individual has personal experiences ...

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Plants you can choose for your bathroom

Bathroom plants

Over the past few years, the bathroom is one room in the house that has gone under the various changes in India. Some house owner may flourish their fancy bathroom with counter top made up of semi precious stones and with expensive gadgetry, but every one cannot afford to change’s their bathroom with the expensive accessories. However Plants can be ...

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