Indian Food

Dunkin’ Donuts’ coming to India soon

Dunkin' Donuts' to open a retail shop in India

Dunkin’ Donuts’, an international donut and coffee retailer founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts by William Rosenberg, is coming to India soon. Though they are specialists in Donuts and other baked items, but even the Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee is pretty popular. According to the news, Dunkin’ Donuts’ has recently announced its entry in Indian market with the tie-up with Jubilant ...

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Tips on How to buy good Fish

Fish Market

Being a vegetarian I never had the option to go to any fish market and am sorry but it really stinks. After my two hand a half years of marriage in a Bengali family now I  have tried to cook few fishes. Though I have never visited any fish market but when you start cooking something you should about it. ...

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Why you should eat Almond every day


Every Indian kitchen I believe somewhere in the corner must have almond. It occupies the space in your refrigerator also. I prefer to keep it there only so that it can last long. Almond is better seen at least once in a year at every Indian house during Diwali. with other friends like cashew nuts, raisins, pista and other dry ...

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Order Maharashtrian delights online, and get delivered for free in Pune

Order Maharashtrian delights online and get free home delivery within Pune

If you hail from Maharashtra or have been living in cities like Pune or Mumbai for quite some time, chances are bright that you are deeply in love with some Maharashtrian delights, like different types of Chiwda, Chakali, Modak, Puran Poli, etc. Here is your opportunity to get these delights just by placing an order online, and later the home ...

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How to make Fried Pumpkin Flower

Friend Pumpkin Flower

Don’t get surprised. Pumpkin flowers are actually edible like Banana Flower Dish. You might have had pumpkin in your menu but might not have thought of trying the flower. Tell you truly, you will like it. Ingredients & Quantity: – Pumpkin Flower Posto – 1 tsp Rice Flour – 50 gm Maida – 50 gm Turmeric powder – 1 tsp ...

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Handy tips when in Kitchen

Kitchen Tips

Kitchen is the place where women spend most of their time. Apart from keeping the kitchen clean, some tips from our mothers and mother in laws always come handy.Today, I would like to share some handy tips for your kitchen which will definitely prove useful  to you. Green bananas will ripen quickly if kept in the paper bag in the ...

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Get Ripe Mangoes Delivered at your doorstep

Dial - a Mango Service

Mango is probably the most popular fruit in India; you can find Mango Lovers in almost every Indian family. Here is a service, Dial – a Mango, service is started by Mumbai based Raj Impex (a company which focuses in importing and exporting a variety of fruits and vegetables). All you need to do is dial a phone number and ...

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How to make lip smacking Fruit Custard

Fruit Custard

Here is the lip smacking dessert for you that you can have after a spicy meal. The preparation of this dessert is very easy and also  one of the most loving dish for the kids. Get started and try at home. Ingredients for Fruit Custard This is to serve  6 to 8 persons. Milk : One litre Custard powder : ...

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All about the great Indian Samosa

Samosa is a popular snack in India, especially in the Northern India; you can find it on every roadside tea stall, small and big restaurants, college canteens, movie theaters etc. A quality Samosa costs somewhere around Rs. 3 – Rs. 5, stuffed with spicy mashed potato and is served with some Chutneys, in some places Samosa is served with Chhola ...

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