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In India, we have our own ways of taking care of health. Find out some natural ways of Health and Care topics in India and Home Remedies.

AIDS Day Awareness

World AIDS Day : Create awareness about AIDS to fight against it

The first day in December is celebrated as the AIDS Day throughout the world. India is the world's fourth-largest suffering country from aids. So, now its our duty to create awareness by...
keep home warm winter

How to keep your home warm this Winter !!

Winter season is already knocking our doors, and I think on a cold winter day, there's nothing more tempting than staying put under your warm cozy blankets. However, we all want...
Honey Health Useful

How good is Honey for health ?

Almost 80% of human beings love and craves sweet and honey is the best sweet treat. It has always been a substitute for sugar. But do you really know how good...
Tea: Types & Why it is healthy

Tea: Cup that cheers and heals

Today tea is the second standard beverage after water. Tea is one drink that can be easily found in every house. For mass, a day starts with a cup of tea...
Plastic Thermocol banned India

Types of Plastic and Thermocol Banned and Allowed in India

The Indian government has decided to ban low-quality plastics that cannot be recycled. On a broader level, plastic less than 50 microns thick and weighing less than 2 grams is not...
Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer and its Symptoms

Are you aware of Cervical Cancer? It is the second most common cancer among women worldwide, with more than 0.5 million new cases and 2,60,000 death per year globally. Almost 80...
Soapmaking Safety Instructions
Women Health

Necessary health checkup Women should get done

Women are the pillar of any family. They contribute a lot to society, her own house and of course, to the nation. But we, the women, always tend to ignore our...
Bitter Gourd Cancer

Karela : A Miracle cure for Breast Cancer

Indian bitter melon, popularly known as ‘Karela’ in India, astonished an Indian-origin researcher at Saint Louis University. As per Ratna Ray, PhD., a professor in the pathology department at Saint Louis...

Breast Cancer Awareness: The Pink Ribbon Initiative

October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness month to make both men and women aware so they can diagnose it early, support people already suffering from this unfortunate disease and in...
Ash recyclers

Getting the electronic scrap out safely: Ash Recyclers

Got an Old monitor you want to throw away or your firm is changing the old computers with new? Do you have a good number of keyboards, monitor and mouse ready...

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