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In India, we have our own ways of taking care of health. Find out some natural ways of Health and Care topics in India and Home Remedies.

Nursing Pillow

How to deal with problem of overflowing Mother’s milk

Any mother will know how important is mother's milk for a baby and that's why doctors encourage for breast feeding to a new mother. Infact to push it further, First Week...

The Real test of Pure Shilajit [ Video ]

Shiljit is an imporant ingredient of many medicines specially the Ayurveidc Medicine. Though it has hundreds of use it is mainly know for increasing strength and relieving from stress. On our tour...
Good hygiene

10 easy steps to practice good hygiene

Hygiene is an old concept related to medicine, as well as to personal and professional care practices related to most aspects of living. It generally means the practice that prevent infections,...
I Love My Job

Simple tips to boost your Wellness Quotient

Do you want to tackle your work with greater ease, feel more alert and not have to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Get on to this super simple energy...
Breast Cancer vs Cervical Cancer India

By 2020, Breast cancer to overtake Cervical cancer in India

India is one of the country where the cases of breast cancer and cervical cancer found every day, this is because of the lack of  health knowledge among the Indian women.They...
Free Ambulance Facility in Gurgaon

Free Ambulance Facility in Gurgaon

If you are in Gurgaon, and somehow you need an Ambulance immediately, here is the phone number which can help you, 6-111-111, that is the number of SRIMS Emergency. SRIMS Emergency Service...
Breast Feeding

World Breast Feeding week : (August 1-7)

 Today,the World is celebrating Breast feeding week ( August 1 -7). Breast feeding is the first thing that every newly born baby wants to do. It  is the feeding of an infant...
Memory Power

Simple tips to boost your memory power

Many times I heard that people forget where they placed the book yesterday, cannot remember the relative's phone number etc.  Many Indian mothers had complaints that theirs kids have the problem of...

How to Prevent becoming a Diabetic

In India alone, there were 40 million people with diabetices. In order to battle it you have to first understand it. First of all it's a long life condition. For sugar...
Sweet Drinks

Stressed ? Take a cup of sweet drinks

Indians are the fond of  sweets and the products made up of sweets. There is a good news for the sweet drinks lover. As per the new study sweet drinks such...

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