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Public Hospitals to become Public Private in UP

Public Hospital

The government of Uttar Pradesh is in the process to developing a frame work towards the better health care to the people of the State.The state has developed the strategies for upgrading the health care service in the state. According to the IANS reports the state government decided to hand over public hospital to the private chain under the Public Private ...

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World Asthma Day : Do you know the symptoms ?

Asthama Day

Every first Tuesday of May is celebrated as World Asthma Day. Started in 1998 the day has gained a global image helping in creating awareness. Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) has lead the theme of 2010 – “You Can Control Your Asthma,” GINA is also planning to start a campaign concentrating on this year’s theme. They target to reduce 50% ...

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Why Say No to Cold Drinks ?

Cold Drinks

Are you aware that high level of phosphate in your favourite cold drink or soda will pace up your ageing? Not only they make decrease your life span but also take you closer to age old problems like chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular calcification. Researches said that there are also chances of your skin and muscle getting degenerate. Research says ...

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Kolkata drainage system to be upgraded by KMC


Kolkata’s drainage system is what Britisher’s developd before freedom and after that there is not much of work that is done but good news s that Kolakat Municipal Corporation has decided to upgrade the existing sewage system to meet water logging problem during rains like they had also decided to make Kolkata Roads to be water proof before Pooja. KMC ...

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Diet Delivery gets healthy food to Corporates

About Diet Delivery

Believe it or not but corporates are always blamed to get over weight because of junk food they eat around to meet the deadly deadlines. Eating a healthy food is what even I have learned it recently but getting Diet food at office without your wife or parents worrying too much is what Diet Delivery does for you. Diet Delivery ...

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Tupperware products for healthy life

Modular Mates

Nutrition is basic needs and prerequisites for a healthy life. A proper balanced diet is essential from the very early stage of life for growth, development and active life. This can easily be achieved through a combination of four basic food groups. The quantities of foods needed to meet the need vary with age; gender physical activity and physiological status ...

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Beware of the side effect of Lipstick


Revlon, Elle 18, L’Oreal, Streetwear, Lakme, Maybellin etc. – yes all these name remind you of your favorite lipstick brands which you are using and planning to buy some new shades. Even i do prefer Revlon and Elle 18. But the latest report by Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS), Ahmedabad has alerted me. The toxic chemical content, lead is ...

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Instantly find Blood donors in India

Emergency blood requirement is something we all have faced at some point of time; let it be for a relative, for a friend or for self. The problem which is often faced is either the blood isn’t available for the particular group, or at times the chances are bright, that the blood you are getting is not good enough for ...

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e-Waste disposal system comes to Delhi

Electronic Waste (e-Waste, or e-Scrap) is basically the waste generated from Electrical and Electronic Equipment, informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems. Some electronic scrap components, such as CRTs, contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants. e-Waste is responsible for several types of contaminations and pollution, according to ...

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