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October 2nd is Shastri Jayanti as well

October 2nd is Shastri Jayanti

If I ask you, what is the existence of October 2nd  in Indian history; probably you will not even think and tell that it is Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday of Mahatama Gandhi). However, very few people know that it is the October 2nd is the birthdate of Late Lal Bahadur Shastri as well. He was the 3rd Prime Minister of India, ...

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Who invented the ATM ? Who created Modern ATM?

who invented ATN

We all hate to go to the bank and stand in a queue to take money out. It’s because of the busy schedule and lack of time and strict banking hours. At the present scenario, it has become challenging to maintain the same. With the invention of the ATM and its instrument ATM card, our lives have become comfortable and ...

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Free Download Gandhiji font for English and Devanagari

Free Download Gandhiji font for English and Devanagari inpired by Gandhi ji Glasses

Gandhiji Font was launched during the Gandhiji Font Typography Exhibition; the font is inspired by Gandhiji’s Glasses, Typographers from Leo Burnett created the Gandhiji font in Devanagari first and later the font was created for English too. Have a look at how the font looks like –   Looks great, isn’t it? You can download the English and Devanagari, and ...

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