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An aggregator to keep you updated about offers on local stores

Get the updates on best deals and offers near you in your inbox

Probably we all are keen to know about the Discounts, Deals and Special Offers which are being offered on Local Stores. Let it be Electronic Items, Furniture, Home Appliances, Cars and Bikes, everything we need in our day to day life, we tend to seek some discounts and offers before buying them. is a Pune based startup, and the ...

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Free Online Dictionary for Indian Languages

Online Dictionary for Indian Languages

Shabdkosh is an online Dictionary, which is a perfect solution if you are interested in searching the meanings of English words in Indian languages (regional languages), and vice versa. You can easily get the meanings of words from languages Bengali, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi and Punjabi in English, also you can find the English counterparts of the ...

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Amul Butter cartoons on Latest Issues

Here is the list of Amul Cartoons / advertisement which you see on back of Amul Butter pack. This list showcases the World Cup Octopus Paul, Avatar Movie, The BP oil Spill case, Sachin Tendulakrs Double Century, Amul on Facebook and Twitter and much more. Thanks Rajat. As always you can find the latest from Amul here  where they post their awesome cartoons on latest ...

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India is Top 4th country in terms of Internet Users

Top 20 Countries Internet Users

According to recent study made by Pingdom, Indian ranks 4th when it comes to Internet users but that’s 34% of users in USA which is second and 19%  of China which tops the list. What is interesting to note that Internet is not available everywhere in India like rural areas but still we rank 4th which in turn reflects literacy or internet usage is very ...

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Send and Recieve emails on any Mobile without GPRS

BlacMail Inbox

Emails on the go is now even hot to any person who is internet literate which was only available to corporates before  on BlackBerry. However to get emails on your phone the minimum requirement is to have GPRS on your phone which in simple term is Internet but that might turn out costly because of the high download per kb charges. BlacMail ...

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How to Watch Indian TV channels live on your Computer or Mobile

Watch Indian TV channels Live on Computer and Mobile

If you are one of those crazy TV fans, and you generally have to miss your favorite TV Shows just because of you are away from your TV set, here is a great solution, Mundu. Unlike other ways (like YouTube and live streaming of TV shows on the official webpage of the TV channels) to watch your favorite TV shows ...

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How to complain CBI about Central government corruption

CBI Complains

 Yesterday I got an SMS from CBI, which is distributed to all Kolkata users and it says : If any Central Govt emp demands money 4any official work,pls complain to SP,CBI,ACB,Kol on 9051613440 & 033-22894404.Pls vst CBI website 4 dtls Thats it so now if you have any grievances against any Central Government Employee just post a complain at this number and I ...

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How to search google using SMS in India

Google SMS Sample

In India, internet on mobile is still not so common and in that case when you need to make search on google, How do you go about it ? Thanks to Google SMS service which is availble for many countries including India, now you can type in your query and send sms to recieve updates on your mobile phone. For ...

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Find Indian TV program timing online & reminder on SMS

Get the details of TV Programs Telecast

If you love watching Television (TV), and don’t want to miss your favorite TV show, here is a one stop solution for such scenario. What’s On India is an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Forbes (India) ranked “What’s On India” among top 5 start-ups to watch for in 2010.  ‘What’s On India’ allows you to get all the schedules of TV ...

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IRCTC’s E-Ticket booking timings to be extended to 23 hours a day

IRCTC E-Ticket booking to go live 23 hours a day

IRCTC’s E-ticket booking is a big hit, it has really proved to be one of the moist convenient ways to book a train ticket, however there is a problem with timings, you can’t book an e-ticket from 11:30 in the night to 5 AM in the morning, that means the online ticket booking is unavailable for this span of 5.5 ...

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