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How to track Speed Post & eMO via SMS

Track Speedpost

Now Speed Post and eMO (electronic money order) can be easily track via sms service. India Post has come up with this new service where speed post tracking can be done via SMS.   How to check status ?  We need to send SMS to 55352 in the below mentioned format For Speed Post: SP<space>Speed Post number  OR   EMS<space>Speed Post number  For eMO: MO<space>eMO ...

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Eight National Missions for Climate Change


Looks like government has finally decided on how they are going to fight the climate change and sustain the ecosystem in India and there is already a drafted plan open to public at the PM’s Site. The document talsk about the following National Mission set for India to fight againts the climate change.  National Solar Mission National Mission for Enhanced ...

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What is ECS and How it works in India

Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) is the easiest mode of electronic service where funds could be easily transferred for transactions. This monetary transaction could only be availed on those places where ECS service is active and the location is registered under ECS location. Purpose of ECS ECS is used for two different purposes. Either it is used by institutions for distribution of ...

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Top 10 newspaper in India


By the late of 1990’s the availability of news and other information via electronics news channels and then Internet stood an on going challenge to the business model of Newspaper in developed countries. However Indian is one of the countries where digital media is yet to take over the genration and reading newspaper with a cup of tea still rules the ...

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TCS to develop e-Passport for India

Indian Passport

The government of India is planning to issue electronic passport to its citizen. It will  contain a security chip with personal data and digital images, including finger prints of that person carrying such passport and it will have 64KB chip with a photograph of passport holder. The passport will issue in 3 days only. The new passport is entirely designed ...

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Online services launched by KMC

KMC Services

There is good news for the citizens of Kolkata!!. Now the civilian can conduct  transaction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation online. They offer you the services which is just a mouse click which will definitely prove time-saver with comfort and convenience. No more endless queries and long queues. You can track, and check your transaction with in a second. Following are ...

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Donate your computer for charity to NGOs and Schools

Donate Your PC

Right after the hardware got cheaper in India and computers were pricing less, many of us bought high-end computers and gadgets. That’s a good thing but what did we all do with the old computer you had ?  Sold to the Radiiwala which ultimately turns out to be E-Waste, Though there are few companies which can recycle it but why ...

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Type in Regional Languages, without any Font Installation

What do you do, when you have to type something in language other than English, let it be, Hindi, Kannada, Urdu, Bengali, Oriya etc. You will have to download and install a font, right? Here is something which can help you; you might have seen this in your Gmail account, if you have one. Google Transliteration tool. Google Transliteration has ...

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Microsoft’s internal tech support outsourced to Infosys

Software giant Microsoft has announced that they have outsourced their internal tech support to Indian technology services giant, Infosys. As per the agreement, Infosys will streamline implementation processes; simplify support and service, while at the same time lowering the enterprise costs through the use of the latest Microsoft solutions such as Windows 7. Infosys will provide help desk support for ...

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How to apply for Passport Online in India

Passport Ministry

The passport office is like 10 minutes from my office and any time I get down there I find a huge line that goes till the road end. Many of us do not know but it is possible for you to apply for passport online and avoid the long waiting queue for submitting the application form. Consular Passport and Visa ...

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