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These posts are about how you can get things done online in India. Right from applying for a PAN card to complaining about banks to RBI or about Telecom to TRAI. We have talked about applying for a passport to how you can get your phone number in DND mode.

Penalties Traffic Fine Motor Vehicles Act 2019

New Penalties (Traffic Fine) in Motor Vehicles Act 2019

The new Moto Vehicle Bill (Amendment)) has been passed by both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. There are significant changes when it comes to the amount of money as a traffic...
Rent book india

Rent a book in India with doorstep delivery with these services

Those who love to read every day would always look around for new books. While you can always buy books, but for many its a costly affair. That's where libraries come...
Rent Toys in India

Looking for Toys on Rent instead of buying one ? Try Renttoys

Toys, Books for kids, etc. are a few things which we all buy for our children when they start holding and understanding the world. Toys not only make children to visualize...
GPD Complaints Indian Government

Where to lodge your complaints and annoyance to Indian Government

In India, whenever we do feel like complaining either, we end up in expressing in words to friends. If there is something important, we try to get it done someway. It...
Facts Indian National Flag Tiranga

Tiranga.Net : The right place to know about Indian Flag

Tiranga, The Indian National Flag, was born on July 22, 1947, to became the national flag of free India and was given to the whole country along with the resolution on...
Track Indian Post Office Courier

How to track EMS Speed Post (India Post)

We often send Speed Post for quick and fast deliveries of documents, articles for several types of applications. Applications for job and admission to an institution are to be sent via...
How to track Speed Post & eMO via SMS

How to track Speed Post & eMO via SMS

Now Speed Post and eMO (electronic money order) can be easily tracked via SMS service. India Post has come up with this new service where you can track Speed Post &...
Agmark Mandi Price Commodity

What is AGMARK? List of certified AGMARK Commodities

Agmark is an acronym for Agricultural Marking. Agmark is a quality certification mark provided by the Government of India. This certification confirms that the product or commodity in the better term...
Do I need to submit LPG KYC form?

Do I need to submit LPG KYC form?

The government has issued a stern warning that a household owning more than one LPG connection and not submitting the KYC form by the end of this month will not be...
English Hindi lyrics Patriotic Songs

Get English and Hindi lyrics of Patriotic Songs of India

Independence Day is on August 15th, and soon you will start hearing the patriotic songs on the streets, radio channels, TV etc.If somehow you are looking for the lyrics of some...

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