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Have a complaint against your Mobile Telecom Operator, TRAI have you covered

TCCMS Guide to Telecoms Complaint Query Portal

Its time Telecom Operators in India get ready to serve their users even better than before because any negligence, unresolved issues, and unheard complaints can now be sent to TRAI directly using the Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System (TCCMS) launched recently. In this post, we will share how you can use the portal to complain against mobile telecom operators. A ...

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How TRAI can track block lost or stolen phones using IMEI

trace mobile number india

In case you are always worried about losing your mobile and all data stolen, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has some good news for you. TRAI has initiated a process which intends to centralize the process to track a lost/stolen mobile phone using the IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or ESN (Electronic Serial Number). Using this they will ...

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How to check if your IMEI is valid and How to get a valid IMEI

I remember in 2009, the market was getting flooded with Chinese smartphones which didn’t carry any IMEI number. A phone without a valid IMEI number can be a security concern. During that time, DOT (Department of Telecom) issued an order that if your handset or mobile phone doesn’t have it, then it might just stop working. In this post, we ...

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Vodafone Drops 2G Charges while Airtel Introduces New 4G Plans

Airtel 4G offers

With the ruling alphabet G, the giant telecom leaders are decreasing the usage charges of 2G, 3G and 4G rates. With the 90 percent reduction of the charges Idea users can easily access to their 2G plans at 2 paise @ 10 KB which was previously 2 paise @ 1 KB. With the reduction in the charges for 2G users will be automatically ...

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Finally Airtel Offers 16 MBPS to 100 MBPS broadband at better prices

Airtel Broadband in Kolkata

When it comes to broadband speed in India, it really is slow except in few cities in India like Hyderabad where you get 10 MBPS Speed at Rs 1000. Thanks to our broadband providers who lag innovation and still are relying on old hardware and infrastructure. However, it seems like Airtel is finally changing its strategy and bring faster broadband ...

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TRAI Limits Bulk SMS, MMS : Is this the right solution ?

Train Status via SMS

If you live in India, You must be aware of the SMS rumor havoc that was spread across many states against India, resulting in many North Eeast countrymen to leave for their native state. This is definitely a sad situation and even though Rajya Sabha did spoke out in one voice that every NE person is secure, the terror in ...

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Airtel announces New Affordable 3G Plans with Smartbytes

Airtel 3G plans

According to the update available on Airtel Facebook Page,  A new set of plans is introduced  for 3G which definitely seems in the direction  to move people from Edge network to 3G as we already have Airtel’s 4G rolled in some of the major cities in India. What is interesting here is Airtel Says that now they are using Airtel 3G Smartbytes  using which postpaid mobile customers ...

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TRAI rolls out regulation on amount of TV Advertisement

Finally, What I read about TRAI planning to make TV Experience more for serials and enjoyment for end users is coming to reality. Today TRAI rolled out regulation for the amount of advertisement that was being shown in any program. According to my experience it was no less than 50 percent of allotted time for the serial which resulted me ...

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