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  • Airtel announces New Affordable 3G Plans with Smartbytes

    Airtel 3G plans

    According to the update available on Airtel Facebook Page,  A new set of plans is introduced  for 3G which definitely seems in the direction  to move people from Edge network to 3G as we already have Airtel’s 4G rolled in some of the major cities in India. What is interesting here is Airtel Says that now they are using Airtel 3G Smartbytes […]

  • TRAI rolls out regulation on amount of TV Advertisement

    Finally, What I read about TRAI planning to make TV Experience more for serials and enjoyment for end users is coming to reality. Today TRAI rolled out regulation for the amount of advertisement that was being shown in any program. According to my experience it was no less than 50 percent of allotted time for […]

  • How will you choose channels in new Digital Cable TV System

    TRAI has finally laid down the rules for the new digitization of the Cable TV Operators which will not only bring cheaper solution when compared to other Digital TV Providers like Tata Sky, Reliance etc. This service will be mandatory from 1st of July 2012 in all the metropolitan cities with target of  complete digitization of the […]

  • Airtel Launches 4G in India

    Bharti Airtel is one of the largest telecom company in India, and now  the company  has put its 4G plans on the fast track, introducing it today which was supposed to launch the services in Kolkata on March. Bharti Airtel has selected ZTE Corporation to plan, design, supply and deploy its 4G network in Kolkata, […]

  • TRAI Regulation will help you talk to a Human Agent with less hair loss

    If you have ever dialed a customer care number of your operator, I am sure you must have pulled your hair to find an option which lets you talk to a Human Agent or the so called  Consumer Care Executive. The problem with the existing  IVR system is they talk about offers, news and long thankful […]

  • Telecoms to discontinue Inactive Numbers in 60 days

    Though this policy is not new but it seems Telecoms like Vodafone, Airtel and others might just start applying it rigorously after a recent announcement on 19th December for which couple of friends was emailed about.  The time period for inactiveness is 60 days.   Though some might just revolt saying its wrong but I […]

  • Mobile Roaming Charges in India to go away soon

    There is a good news for all mobile subscriber especially for travellers who travel  more from one state to other from time to time. Now,mobile users need not have to pay any extra money while travelling outside their home network. Carriers charge a higher rate for roaming and there are no uniform roaming charges as […]

  • TRAI Instructs Operators not to Reject Porting Request for Small Unpaid Bills

    TRAI Updated Guidelines on Rejection of Porting Request

    TRAI new guidelines for Indian Telecom Operators does not allows them to reject a porting request because of small due and contact binding with exceptions.

  • Roaming facility is now available for pre-paid user in North-East India ( Official Document )

    Official Document for Prepaid Roaming North East

    North eastern states are one of the important part of India.Mobile phones were introduced in the northeast in 2004. Post-paid mobile phones there have always had roaming facilities but due to many security reasons, till now there is no roaming facility available for the pre-paid mobile users in the north-east states. Now the Central government has […]

  • Airtel 3G New Packs announced

    3G Package in Mumbai

    Airtel has announced their new packs i.e. price range for 3G which starts from Rs 8 in  Mumbai, Chennai, most of the Places in Chennai and costliest in Delhi for Rs 11. This package is of 10 Mb which is valid for just one day. The plans can be seen here by selecting a state […]