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Calculate your internet usage before you buy a plan

Free Internet Usage Calculator, know your monthly data usage

Airtel lately launched the 3G services for their consumers, in the same series Airtel has come up with an awesome tool, the Internet Usage Calculator, which helps the consumers to take a quick decision easily on the choice of the internet plan before buying it. You need to visit the official Airtel website to access this tool. First you need ...

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APN settings for BSNL 3g for iPad


We are already reading about BSNL 3G plans for iPad on several websites without any link to official websites but if you already have BSNL 3G micro sim and want to use it on your iPad here are the APN settings for it : Go to MENU > Settings > Cellular data Cellular data: ON Data Roaming: OFF Data roaming ...

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Things you should know about Vodafone 3G ( India )

Vodafone 3G

Vodafone 3G is finally coming next year. I remember getting a call from Vodafone months back where they told me it was launching next week and even told me plan rates. Finally the week has come and there is a dedicated FAQ paged you should read and below are few key points which I found important. Vodafone 3G is launching ...

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Mobile Number Portability in India: Do we really need it?

Mobile Number Portability in India Useful or hyped and useless

Much awaited Mobile Number Portability (MNP) facility has finally made the debut in Haryana, and will be now available all over India on January 20, 2011. Follow these steps to use MNP and switch your mobile operator Implementation of MNP has been done on zonal basis, i.e. the country has been divided in two zones : Zone 1 which consists ...

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TRAI asks operators not to charge high for SMS to 1900 for MNP

Trai SMS 1900

TRAI according to this official document has asked all the telecom operators to treat an SMS sent to 1900 as any other normal SMS and not as special SMS which are generally charged 5 or 6 Rupees. The total cost to switch using MNP should not be more than 19 and if a subscriber is charged so high, the total ...

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TRAI rolls out tough Do Not Disturb Regulations

Do not call registry

According to the Recent Document released here and here under heading The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010, TRAI had laid strict rules for Telemarketers who break the rule and new options are opened up for customers. Below are the main features : A customer may choose between ‘fully blocked’ category or ‘partially blocked’ category. The ‘partially blocked’ category, ...

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Steps for changing your Mobile Operator [ MNP ]


Mobile Number Portability launched in Haryana and probably by next year January we will have it every where around the country. The best of this is you never change your number but below are the few facts you should know about. This is applicable to all operators like Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo, Airtel, Idea etc. How to switch operator ...

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Airtel Special 3G Data Plan offers for Specific devices

Airtel 3G upgrades

If you already have 3G from AirTel and bought devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab, AirTel has introduced a special upgrade offer specific to these devices. Devices included are : Samsung galaxy Tab, S and wave. Nokia N8 Other Samsung Devices Other Nokia Phones. They are giving out 2Gb download for next 6 months with nominal charges on activation except N8. ...

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How much MNP switching will cost you

TRAI on MNP Charges

Mobile Number Portability is already delayed twice this year though it was supposed to start by April 2010. I dont see any major reason except the 3G launch as mobile users wont be able to switch operators if they are into a long term plan with existing operators and if they did the plan benefits are not passed. Coming back ...

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