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TRAI’s initiative to block lost / stolen mobile phones in India

Lost Mobile Phone

In case you are always worried about loosing your mobile and all data stolen, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has some good news for you. TRAI has initiated a process which intends to centralize the process of blocking a lost / stolen mobile phone using the IMEI number ( International Mobile Equipment Identity ) or ESN (Electronic Serial Number  ) ...

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Emergency medical services on your mobile : Tata Indicom

TI Dr on Call

Mobile has become a necessity in our daily life as every one carries a mobile phone including the young children.It is not only the thing that is used to make and receive the calls but its role expand a lot.They serve as a communication tool used to send  and receive messages,  listen to music, surf the internet and even play mobile ...

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Download Tata Sky iPhone App for remotely recording television shows

Tata Sky iPhone App

Tata Sky now has an iPhone app which lets you record Television Shows right from your mobile.  You can login using your subscriber id or register right from there. Once you login you can browse through channels and shows and make a recording right on the move. Airtel has similar feature but can be used by any mobile but having ...

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TRAI working to make Interoperability of DTH Set top Boxes a reality


After Number Portability, looks like TRAI is working towards to bring Interoperability to  DTH Set top Boxes.If this happens then people will be able to switch easily and will bring lot of competition to the market. There are currently 6 DTH services in India and all have different standards, For example Dish TV uses DVB-S as Transmission standard where as ...

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Mobile numbers starting from 8!

India is the country where the mobile market are growing   day by day.Every Indian is trying to grab a mobile phone connection as it is become one of the necessity.To keep this fact in mind TRAI is decided to launched the series of mobile  number starting from 8 instead of 9. According to TRAI, India has 415 million cellular subscribers at the ...

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Tata Docomo introduces DTH like package schemes for Internet on Mobile

Tata Docomo Pay Per site

Tata Docomo is famous for launching kind of services which other operators dont even dare to, probably thats the biggest advantage everybody knows Tata Docomo even if they dont know it and now they came out with another plan for internet users on mobile.  Pay Per site or pay a fixed amount for pre chosen categories which is similar to ...

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Get compared result and suggestion on postpaid and prepaid plans in India

Change My Network

In India depending on how much mobile usage you have considering your local and std calls and sms there are various plans available in your city or state. Finding out  the best talk plan for you to get the most of your money, Change My Network has created a tool which is worth trying out. This tool takes in the input of your current ...

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Find the most economical DTH and Internet connection plan

Get recommendations for Best Economical DTH or Internet PlanTrimBill

DTH and Internet connection have become a part of our daily lives; naturally we tend to choose the most economical plan, here is a service, named as TrimBill. TrimBill actually keeps track of all the available DTH and Internet Plans, as soon as you reach the webpage of TrimBill, you can choose whatever you want i.e. either the ‘Satellite TV’ ...

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Spyware on Mobiles can be a problem for Telecoms

Mobile Spyware

Mobiles today are not just to make calls, they come with complete operating system loaded and softwares do run on them which leads to a major problem, Malwares and Spywares and Union Law Ministry, India has suggested a penalty  which is 100% of the contract if found. This news came from Business Standard and it seems like Indian governemt has ...

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Who got what in 3G Auction in India

3G Auction Report

A quick post if you are looking around for an official document of 3G allocation of Telecom Providers in India. Here is the pdf file which you can download. However we will have to wait at least till September 1st 2010 for 3G to get rolled in India.  Here is a breakup according to service area and who won the ...

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