Indian Telecom and Broadband

Keep same mobile number on International Roaming

Airtel World Sim

Many of us hate receiving calls when we are out of city or country because of the roaming charges we need to pay. What  most of us do is call back the person and save some money if possible. However when you are on international roaming calling back isnt feasible  either.  Another problem that users face is to change of number everytime you ...

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Telecom Towers to go Green with Solar Power

Like all the other countries India is also trying to reduce the Carbon footprints, and promoting a Greener environment, old vehicles are being banned, green fuel is being promoted, recycling is being done, etc. Here is another initiative towards a greener environment, India has a huge telecom network, and has more than 250,000 cell phone towers as of now. Diesel ...

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3G in India coming after September 1st


Finally DoT, India has confirmed the clearance of all the nine participants for the long waited 3G auction to begin on 9th April of this year.  The participants were Sunil Mittal-led Bharti Airtel, Anil Ambani Group company Reliance Telecom, Vodafone Essar, Etisalat DB, Idea Cellular, Stel, Tata Teleservices, Aircel and Videocon. Also it has stated that Operators, however, can start ...

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Airtel Offers 50 Mbps plan with 200 Gb Limit

Airtel VDSL2 Broadband Plans

Need for Speed, Airtel after offering 4MBPS plan is now offering two more plans with 200GB Data limit one at 30MBPS and other at 50MBPS which is the highest speed any of the Telecom opertaors has introduced in India till now. # @ Rs. 7999 per month, experience 30 Mbps broadband speed with free data transfer upto 200GB and additional ...

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BlackBerry Storm 2 vs iPhone 3GS : Which one will you choose ?

BB vs Iphone

Just a week before when Apple’s, iPhone 3GS is ready to be launched in India next week, Blackberry makers RIM has launched the latest smartphone, BlackBerry Storm 2 priced at Rs 31,990. iPhone is likely to be priced around Rs 33,000 ( 16GB ) and Rs 42000 (32 GB ). Both the phones have their own class but when it ...

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Tired of Slow Downloads ? Get the Airtel Impatientones Plan

Airtel Impenitence Plan

While Telecoms operators are still fighting on for 3G in India,  Bharati Airtel has a plan just right for people who cannot afford to wait longer time to download their important data., impatience Plan is a 4MBPS plan from Airtel which bandwidth cap but very time effective for users who don’t have much usage or have a fixed amount of ...

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North-East & Border regions to get WiMax,Broadband & IT Park

BPOs is India have brought a lot of investments from foreign countries. Northeastern community is the first choice of BPO employers as the employees, reason being, they are easier to train and impart skills to for this kind of work. Keeping the above said fact in mind, The Government of India has begun a program to wire up the entire ...

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DoT getting tough on Telecom Players

Looks like Government is tightening their gears on security issues and specially on Telecom sector, after all after 26/11 there had been much fire around how people get access to Mobile phones even though there is a compulsory registration and verification process in place. The Depart Of Telecom, India, has asked S Tel to stop mobile services in Himachal, Orissa ...

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BSNL WiMax Tariff Plan

WiMax or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a fourth generation technology which allows 37 Mbps broadband speed without the need for cables and this has been launched in Kochi by BSNL. Yup BSNL haad already 3G services running and now its going 4G. The technology is provided by AVIAT, formerly Harris Stratex.  Though there is no specific tariff rates declared for Kochi but  BSNL has already a tariff ...

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Make and receive calls without a SIM card

In India still many people find it difficult to afford a mobile handset and keep up with monthly charges for making calls it has become a problem with small business segments and remote rural areas where people have to walk 5 to 6 KM to make a call. Comviva has come with a  Virtual SIM solution which enables people unable to ...

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