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ShivKhori: Natural cave of Lord Shiva

Guide ShivKhori Caves

Jammu and Kashmir have many pilgrimages places like Amarnath, Vasihnodevi, Baba Dhansar, etc. One of them is Shiv Khori ( Khori means cave ) in the Ranso Village of  Udhampur district, Jammu.  Though not much talked about it has one of the best natural caves and naturally developed idols of gods. We happened to visit Shiv Khodi last month on ...

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Taj Mahotsav: Showcasing Arts, Crafts, Culture and much more

Taj Mahal is the first thing several non-Indians will think of as soon as they hear the word India, and so is Agra. Agra and Taj Mahal don’t need any introduction. However something else is there, which is not so popular, but damn interesting, and that’s Taj Mahotsav. Its an annual festival which takes place in a premises named as ...

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Hang out trip to Shankarpur and Mandarmani

Trip Shankarpur Mandarmani

In today’s work culture, many of us don’t get ample leave from our work due to immense work pressure. Hence we prefer to take a break for a couple of days for refreshment, which quite helps to freshen up our mind or to boost up from our monotonous daily routine. Unlike all other metro cities, Kolkata as a minimal option ...

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Guide to Gulmarg -Trip to Srinagar Part 3

If knowing about Srinagar’s beautiful Dal Lake and green Sonmarg have tempted you a lot, This time we are on the way to Gulmarg which would make you think for a plan sooner. Here is our guide to Gulmarg, one of the best places around Srinagar. Guide to Gulmarg -Trip to Srinagar Gulmarg is the only place where you would ...

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Dal Lake and Sonmarg -Trip to Srinagar Part 2

Dal Lake and Sonmarg Srinagar Guide

Last post you saw how we planned the whole trip with each day going to a new place. If you are reading this first, I would suggest you read our Hands-on Guide: Trip to Srinagar Part 1 to get a clear idea. It was our first day, and we were too excited about Dal Lake. So we chose to stay ...

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Hands on Guide: Trip to Srinagar Part 1

Srinagar is said to be heaven not only because of the beauty it holds but also because of the culture, weather and the people living there. Around 11 years back Ashish and I  went on the memorable trip to Srinagar. I wrote everything down as we were on tour. Here is my experience, and hands-on guide of the trip to ...

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What you can see in Jaipur [Rajasthan]

Jaipur Travel Guide

We reached Jaipur by night after traveling through Ajmer and beautiful sights in between. First things you should do is look around for a place, and since this is the last stop, you will need a very comfortable place. Jaipur has many hotels and restaurants, so make sure you get a good one. It’s our last stop and the last ...

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Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples [Rajasthan]

Pushkar City

We are almost at the end of our planned tour, and there are two more temples you should see. One is Pushkar, which is one of the oldest city in the world and Nathdwara, Temple of one of the Avatar of Lord Krishna. In this post, I will share my Guide to Nathdwara and Pushkar Temples in Rajasthan. Guide to ...

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