Indian Travel and Holiday Places

Bed and Breakfast : Homely stay for Tourists in New Delhi

Bed and Breakfast

 A bed and breakfast is a very new upcoming concept in India. As the name clears the service provides you accommodation and breakfast facility. No other meal is offered with this service. This western concept is now entering India and New Delhi is probably the first city to start this service. India is one of the best tourist friendly countries.  ...

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What you can see in Jaipur [ Rajasthan ]

Hawa Mahal

We reached Jaipur by night after travelling through Ajmer and beautiful sights in between. First things you should do is look around for a place and since this is the last stop you will need a very comfortable place. Jaipur has many hotels and restraunts so make sure you get a good one. Jaipur also called as the Pink City, is a ...

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Pushkar and Nathdwara Temples [ Rajasthan ]

Pushkar City

We are almost at the end our planned tour and there are two more temples you should see. One is Pushkar which is one of the oldest city in the world and Nathdwara, Temple of one of the Avatar of Lord Krishna. Udaipur to Nathdwara : Distance from Udaipur : 45Km Time taken : 1 hr approx. Time spent: Night Hold Nathdwara to Pushkar : ...

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Best beaches for a long holiday

Scotland Beach

Everyone has their own interpretation for the best vacation spots in the world. Some would like to explore the world by air, land etc., but few people loves to explore the world by water. A day at a beach is great but better stills is a long weekend when you have the time to experience something thing different and unique ...

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Helicopter services to promote Kashmir Tourism

Kashmir Valley

Kashmir is the most popular tourist destination in India because of its flora, fauna and its magical climate and natural beauty, specially Srinagar, Sonmarg, Gulmarg and PahalaGaon. It is known as the- Paradise on Earth. Once a person visits Kashmir it remains unforgettable memory forever. The government of Jammu and Kashmir has introduced helicopter services to promote the tourism in the ...

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Udaipur – City of Lakes [ Rajasthan ]

Maharana Pratap

Mt Abu was such a relaxation, One of my best experience and after staying there for 2 days we were  ready to visit Udaipur which I have read in history is city of lakes. It is surprising that there is so much of water in this city and rest of Rajasthan specially the Thar’s have non. We started at around 8 ...

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RBI increases the cash limit for foreign travellers

Dollar Bundel

 There is a good news for the Indian travellers going abroad. People can now carry foreign exchange up to US $ 3,000(1,35,000) without the prior permission of the Reserve bank of India. Currently the limit allowed was only equivalent to US $ 2,000 (90,000). According to the circular-RBI in a notification issued said it has increased the cash limit for ...

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Most popular luxury and shopping destinations

New Zealand

If you are planning to travel for luxury and shopping, then check out the 4 destinations which are the worlds most popular hangouts for both. And as expected it’s also expensive. Also don’t forget to check out the most popular Indian and International travel destinations.   Luxury Destinations: New Zealand It is called the youngest country on the Earth.  Sightseeing, adventure tourism tramping ...

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Mount Abu : Gateway to Wintery Rajasthan

Mount Abu

I am pretty sure you did enjoy reading about Jaisalmer and today we are on a long drive to Wintery City of Rajasthan, Mt Abu. As you can see the traveling stats below, better get started early and as usual carry lot of water. Distance from Jaisalmer- 572 kms Time taken- 10 hrs. Time spend- 2 days. 2 Night stay. ...

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Planning for a Travel ? Check the Most Popular destinations


Every human has passion to travel around the world and enjoy everything in one life and everybody thrives to visit the best Travel Destination to get the most of their money and joy. Here is the list of Most Popular destination 2 from Indian and 2 international which you should not miss. Goa Dream Place for travellers. It has a mixture ...

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