Celebrate 15 October as Global handwashing day

Every year more than 3.5 million children under the age of five died due to the diarrhea diseases and acute respiratory infections.This is the result of unhygienic and lack of cleanness.On 15th of October India is celebrating Global hand washing day.Hand washing with soap is an effective and one of the cheapest way to prevent from the infectious diseases. Do checkout our Health Tips to get started.

When did it started ?

The Global Hand washing Day took place for the first time on October 15, 2008. Here is the Official Website

Why it is celebrated :

This is a campaign to motivate the people to wash their hand with soap. It will help to raise the awareness of  the hand washing  with soap as the measure to disease prevention.Hand washing with water is not effective at all.So this movement has been started.I think this will definitely help to cut the number of death caused by the infectious and diarrhea disease.

Do you Wash Your Hands

How it is celebrated:

On the occasion of  second Global hand washing day,India celebrated as  15,115 people washed hands at an event at Nehru Stadium, Chennai, and achieved the Guinness World Record for ‘most people washing hands at one location’.

Things that we should know about  hand washing:

  • Hand washing with soap  work as a life saving formula.
  • Hand washing is a good and effective step towards the prevention.
  • By hand washing with soap you are free from microbes.
  • Make the hand washing with soap as your daily habit
  • If you are a mother of small kid as  I m,this is our responsiblity to keep our as well as the kid’s hand clean. After changing the diapers, before feeding the baby you should wash your hand properly with soap.
  • Be sure to wash the hand after using the bathroom, after preparing raw meat and fish,and after come to home from markets.

Scientific Proof to Hand Washing : Scientific Proof to Hand Washing Hand washing interrupts the transmission of disease agents and so can significantly reduce diarrhea and respiratory infections, as well as skin infections and trachoma. A recent review (Curtis and Cairncross 2003) suggests that hand washing with soap, particularly after contact with feces (post-defecation and after handling a child’s stool), can reduce diarrhea incidence by 42-47 percent, while ongoing work by Rabie et al. suggests a 30 percent reduction in respiratory infections is possible through hand washing.

So just wash your hand with soap and it will saves the life!


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