Change your mobile service operator in 7 days by April 2010

 After a joint meeting, Communication Ministry and telecom companies have decided to implement MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and allowing customer’s to change the service provider of their mobile number in 7 days time frame. The customers can retain their old number even if they want to change the network service for example switching from Airtel to Vodafone. The three days time frame has been extended to seven das keeping in mind about the concern for the country’s security agencies. As per the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), in India this facility has to be available to customers by 1 April 2010. 

As per the security agencies they have demanded to extend the time frame from 3 to 7 days. They aim to empanel a foolproof plan ensuring the numbers are in track even after changing the network service. The process of monitoring the calls can only be done after the approval from the LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies). So the LEA also needs to sanction the porting process. 

* Note – MNP is a service given to the customers for the change of network service used by them on their own mobile number. For example, if a customer is using AIRTEL India Number and wants to switch to Vodafone Operator network, then using the MNP facility, the customer’s number will be same but then the customer will become the customer of Vodafone network.

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