Visiting Chennai? Hire an Auto-Rickshaw & Guide in advance

I wrote this article in 2010, which is about an auto-rickshaw driver in Chennai (India)—Samson. He has his website TukTastic where he is offering service if you want to roam around Chennai. While time has changed, and I am sure there are many options, but if you wish, you can still talk to him. I had a word with him over SMS. So if you are visiting Chennai, you can hire an Auto-Rickshaw & Guide in advance.

Visiting Chennai? Hire an Auto-Rickshaw & Guide in advance

Samson of
Samson of

Samson is an auto-rickshaw driver in Chennai (India), and before you start wondering why I am writing about an auto-rickshaw driver, let me tell you he is not just another auto-rickshaw driver.

This guy has his website to serve his customers well; as such, you can’t make any bookings from the site itself. Still, there you can get to know the ways of hiring Samson’s auto-rickshaw which he drives himself, if you want to hire more than one rickshaw (only two people can travel in one rickshaw, so if you are in a group you might need more rickshaws), Samson will arrange that too for you. Hire a rickshaw for yourself in Chennai in advance

Samson says –

“I am a very safe driver and can take you anywhere you would like to go. I know Chennai very well so whether you are looking for a tour of the city, somewhere to eat and drink or wishing to venture further afield then I would be happy to assist. I can also help you to find almost any type of goods from curtains to clothes and silver to stationary, just name it! And the Tuk-Tuk is far more fun and cheaper than a taxi too!”

It looks like a complete package of Convenient and cheap mode of transportation and a Tour Guide in Chennai.

So, if you are planning to visit Chennai shortly, make it a point to meet Samson. Hire his Auto Rickshaw, and enjoy his services. Samson says that he checks his email every week so that you can contact him on his email address. Also, he has given his cell number so you can SMS him too, to fix-up your plans.

Visit Samson’s Website and get the contact details.


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