How to make Yummy Chocolate Brownie (Recipe) at Home

Marriage is the most significant turning point in one’s life & as it is said second birth for all; which comes with lots of experiences and never-ending learning. My hubby loves sweet & especially has a craving for chocolate ice-cream; cakes; brownies. One day he complained that he is bore of having those regular ice-creams and expressed his desire to have something different & homemade. That’s how I tried making brownies (“Aaahhh…..awesome….how did u made this…..avowal by my hubby with his eyes blinking”) and now it has become a regular sweet dish at our home loved by friends & family!! Here is how to make homemade chocolate brownie recipe.

This post is contributed by Garima.

Best Home Made Chocolate Brownie Recipe

  • Preparation time: 7-8mins
  • Cooking: 4 mins
  • Serving:  It serves to 8-10 persons with vanilla ice cream
  • Ingredients
  • Maida /Flour                             Two Cup
  • Egg                                            Four
  • Sugar                                         To taste
  • Butter                                         Half cup
  • Chocolate                                   Cadbury Bourneville (any flavor)
  • Almond                                      8 – 10(Chopped) Optional
  • Walnut                                       3-4 (Chopped) Optional
  • Baking Powder                          ¼ small spoon

Grounding of brownie

Beat sugar & eggs till they become soft & fluffy; blend butter (soften for two seconds in the microwave) chocolate (soften for few seconds in the microwave) beat the ingredients till you get smooth consistency; add the flour; baking powder and beat the entire mixture carefully (ensure no lumps are formed);

Grease the microwave mold with butter /oil; Pour the batter; Spread the chopped dry fruits. Heat the microwave on high (100%) for 3 mins; then cook the mixture for 4 mins on high.

Note: Dry Fruits can be mix with the mixture and spread above the batter before cooking.

Tip for cooking

  • Use clean white paper in the mold & then pour the batter for cooking. It‘ll ensure that the batter doesn’t stick to the shape.
  • Blend mixture with hand blender mixture will become very soft; beater can be used in case a thick batter is required.

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