Classroom Etiquettes for Teachers

Now the teachers also need to learn etiquettes while speaking to the students. The Church of North India (CNI) has recommended that the teachers while dealing with the students should be careful with the words they throw out. Recent suicides by two students has made the CNI alert about the teacher-student interaction.

School children in India
School children in India

As per the CNI the teachers need to be more disciplined while using the words when they speak with the students. Although in every school utmost care is taken for a friendly atmosphere for the students who spend the most of the time in school. Even the teachers try to maintain the same. But at times it has been observed that unknowingly out of anger or out of stress teachers uses some of the words or phrases which have adverse effect on the child’s mind. Theses abusive words at times depress the child and have negative impact on them.

CNI puts forward few list of word that and phrases that the teachers should not use while communicating with the students viz.

  • You are a loser
  • Didn’t your parents teach your manners?
  • Shut up or I’ll throw you out of the window etc

Although CNI has put forward the issue but we need to see how it does gets implicated. The issue is a matter of concern as students spend the most of their time at school and the    parents depend on the schools blindly. It’s the responsibility of the school to take care of each student.

In many cases it has been observed that at home also many of the parents and private tutors while communicating with the child unknowingly uses few abusive words. I believe this also needs to be taken care of and measures should be taken to avoid. It’s the society who is framing the future and we need to deal with each of the child with utmost care.

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