Commercial vehicles causing pollution banned in Tripura

Pollution is one of the biggest issues in current times; several Government and Non-Government organizations are trying their best to fight with this issue. Last year, Kolkata High Court ordered to replace the public vehicles which were more than 15 years old.


Now on same lines, 15-year old commercial vehicles are being banned in Tripura, a bench of the Guwahati High Court ordered the state government to phase out them as they were causing pollution. Court has also criticized the Traffic police for not ensuring the compliance of headgear worn by two wheeler drivers with that of BIS specifications.

Banning the old vehicles to reduce the pollution level is a great step, but I think, same should be done with the private vehicles as well, however 15 years old private vehicles might not be an issue, but the ones which are 20 or more years old, should be banned.

Another thing which should be ensured in terms of pollution caused by vehicles is the Pollution Under Control certificate (PUC), as per the law, PUC is a must of every vehicle, and the law is followed too, but when it comes to getting a PUC for a vehicle, all one needs is the vehicle and the nominal fees for making the PUC, pollution level is checked and irrespective of the results of this test, the values written on the PUC are only the one which fall in permissible limits.

Government in states should make it a point to ban the old vehicles and also should ensure the issuance of PUCs strictly as per the standard permissible limits.

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