Course on Gay Rights to be offered soon @ Pune based ILS

Pune based ILS (Indian Law Society’s) Law College, commonly known as ILS is all set to start a new certificate course on Gay Rights. The course is entitled as “Gender Sexuality and Human Rights”.Pune based ILS Law College to offer Course on Gay Rights

The course will be conducted over six weekends for three hours each day, later, ILS Law College and Samabhavana Society (an NGO that works for Sexual Minorities) will jointly issue the certificate and will cost Rs. 1500. Seeing the response of the students, the course will be converted to a regular diploma in future. Associate Professor Seeta Bhatia is the Co-ordinator of this course, and also the brain behind it.

We need to change the collective mindset as every human being has the right to live with dignity. In any case, there are laws that protect homosexuals. – Prof Seeta Bhatia, course co-ordinator

The first edition is scheduled to start on March 12, 2011.

This course will be conducted under the guidance of ILS Law College’s Human Rights Center, which is known for providing help to people who have been victims to Human Rights Abuse.

We heard about the amendment of Section 377 of the IPC last year, which decriminalized the homosexual sex between adults done on consent, now this course “Gender Sexuality and Human Rights”, looks like the mindset of Indians is maturing at a fast pace.

Probably the official ILS Law College Website will have more info about the course, however at the time of writing this post, the website was down for some reason.

You can visit the Pune Mirror Article page for more information regarding the “Gender Sexuality and Human Rights” course.


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