Dell factories coming to India : Please dont repeat the mistakes

Dell Factory

Dell Factory

According to Hindustan Times and Economic Times there is a huge possibility that Dell might move their factories from China to India which is worth $25 billion. As qouted

Michael Dell, the Founder of the $61-billion Dell, said, “The India operations are doing well. All businesses in India this quarter are growing more than 100 percent and the country offers enormous manufacturing opportunities.India is a great place to be in. It is growing faster than China for us,”

This is definitely a good chance for India to grow their economics in the right direction becuase the benifits are huge :

  • Job Opportunities
  • Cheaper Dell Product in India.
  • Good Competition.
  • More Revenue.

But there are lot of concerns which I hope doesn’t get on the way, Remember the Tata and Nandigram Issue.

With $25 Billion industry getting in the country you need to give space, power and almost everything but on top you need to give it guarantee that it can work in peace. I am pretty sure there will be lot of pull and push between states to bring in the Giant but I hope there is no fire that turns out.

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