Details of Preferred time LPG delivery scheme in India

India is one of the country where gas cylinder is an important thing and  can be found in every Indian kitchen.Home delivery of LPG cylinders in India   is the largest system in the world. Domestic LPG is a highly subsidized product being used by over 11.5 crore people across the country which include more than 50% of the population using it today.

New scheme for the LPG customers

Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Murli Deora launched value added service for domestic LPG customers “Preferred Time Delivery of LPG Cylinders. Under the scheme the domestic LPG customer across the country can get the delivery of their LPG refill cylinder at home on  the day and time according to their choice.

Preffered Time Delievery

As per the scheme:

  • Gas agencies will charge a premium ranging between Rs 25 and Rs 50 per refill depending on the location and the time of delivery.
  • A customer will pay Rs 50 for the delivery sought before 8 am or between 6 pm and 8 pm on week days in metros.
  •  On weekends the delivery charges will be Rs 25

There are three types of customers they are looking for :

  • Preferred Time Customer
  • Preferred Day and Time Customer
  • Saturday/Sunday Preferred Customer

Here is the rate chart with time slots.

Indane Preferred Delievery

 The charges will be lower for other cities. If a gas agency fails to deliver refill on time, it will have to pay a penalty of Rs 20 to the customer.Be sure that you are at home the entire time slot you have chosen.However, if you are absent on two occasion your booking will be cancelled and the preferred facility will be withdrawn for the six months.

Presently, this scheme  is being launched in the cities of Delhi, NCR,Pune and Bengaluru. This will be extended to Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad later this month, and the rest of the country would be covered under the scheme by the end of this year.

Registration for the scheme :

You must register for the scheme either by filling a forms available with the distributors or by logging  into the website of their respective oil companies.

The websites where you can go register and avail this scheme are :

  • for the he customer of Indane gas,
  •  for the customer of Bharat gas,
  • and for the customer of HP gas.

This scheme will definitely helps the working class of indians where there is nobody in the house to accept delivery during normal working hours.

What do you think about the scheme?

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