Dhobi Ghat ( Mumbai Diaries ) Movie Review

  • Director: Kiran Rao
  • Cast: Prateik Babbar, Aamir Khan, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra and MUMBAI.
  • Official Website : Dhobi Ghat Mumbai Diaries
  • My Rating: 3.5/5

Dhobi GhatThere is a different kind of love one feels for movies that are based on a city and its aura. Mumbai as a city and as a plot has always intrigued people and filmmakers in many a ways. Dhobi Ghat is a tribute to the city by yet another filmmaker, debutante Kiran Rao. She seems to share a great deal of passion about Mumbai and that shows in her virgin venture.

Dhobhi Ghat is about four characters whose paths cross each other in the most surreal ways in the city of Mumabi. Shai (Maonica Dogra) is an investment banker who has just moved to town. Her association with Arun( Aamir) is that of a wierd attraction which is neither friendship nor outrageous love. But its beautiful. Munna (Prateik) who is a dhobi and an aspiring actor is in search of his big break and makes a deal with Shai to show her real Mumbai if she does her portfolio. Yasmin( Kriti Malhotra) is a young married Muslim girl who makes Video Diaries that Arun finds.

Their paths cross in the most posh galleries to the most crammed by lanes of Mumbai. The film is a tad slow but the runtime of the movie is only 94 min so it doesn’t stretch. The vision of Kiran Rao and the canvas of cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray elevate Dhobi Ghat from being just another film to a piece of art. The characters are kept real and that is the greatest feat achieved by the director. Gustavo Santaolla’s score is pleasant especially the title theme.

All in all a great film to watch for anyone who lives in Mumbai and for those who don’t. Enter into the world of Munna, Shai, Arun and Yasmun and feel the different kind of romanticism for MUMBAI- The city of Dreams.

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