Diabetes test is must for pregnent Women!

India is the country where number of people suffered from diabetes are increasing day by day.Recent survey revealed that more than 4% of pregnant women suffer with diabetes. To keep this fact in mind,Delhi government makes the diabetes test as a test compulsory test for the pregnant women. However, it is also  important  that all pregnant women need to realize the importance of diabetes testing during pregnancy.

According to the state minister of Health and women and child welfare of Delhi Kiran Walia:

Diabetes “By making the diabetes test mandatory for pregnant women, we will be able to make them aware about diabetes and its ill effect. “To further spread awareness, she said diabetes educators will be specially appointed from among the Asha workers. Anganwadi workers and officials at Delhi government hospitals will also be trained for creating awareness.

Crack down the misleading advertisement:

As per the IANS reports, In order to ensure that the public is given accurate, scientifically proven information about real treatments for diabetes strict measures will be taken against misleading advertisements that make false claims of curing the disease 100 percent. Always remember that prevention is the best way to keep away diabetes.

Reason of testing the diabetes during pregnancy:

Mother’s suffer with high levels of glucose during late stages of pregnancy, generally in 24th to 28th week. Insulin cannot pass through the placenta like other nutrients and glucose. This result in excess glucose in the baby’s blood, as a result baby’s pancreas start attempting to produce more insulin to cater to the need of digesting excess glucose. When this excess glucose is digested, baby gets more energy than required, this excess energy is stored as fat which lead to complication like hypoglycemia, macrosomia or fat baby.

So what do you think about this step of government. Is it helpful to get down the numbers of pregnant women suffer from diabetes…?


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