Did we learn a lesson from Speak Asia Online Scam

As Hindustan Times report, Speak Asia Online Coo was arrested as directed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Friday has again alarmed the same old money making fundamentals where it is said there is no free money and there is no easy money.

I am sure you all know what the scam is about, if not google it to read through thousands if links which talk about it.

But even as you read them, what is expected is if we all really understand the basic stuff of not getting into this kind of schemes again and this scam was not new but it became widely popular, specially among Indian Housewifes who thought they can make a bit of money by spending few hours before computer.I really wish this was true because many who recently had put money in this are really disappointed.

And the worst part is that there are many schemes like this going around in India. Government noticed it becuase it was in such huge scale but if you have noticed while getting into a bus, traveled on a local train or in an auto, there are posters which talk about paying a good amount of money if you just have internet at home.

Those kind of schemes keep changing its form of which I have learend about personal stories from people how they got involved and came out of nothing but empty handed and sometimes worse.

I dont want to push this far but we should start understanding these kind of luring cash cows and not get involved else result is before us now.


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