Diet Delivery gets healthy food to Corporates

Believe it or not but corporates are always blamed to get over weight because of junk food they eat around to meet the deadly deadlines. Eating a healthy food is what even I have learned it recently but getting Diet food at office without your wife or parents worrying too much is what Diet Delivery does for you.

About Diet Delivery

About Diet Delivery

Diet Delivery in my view is the First of a kind in India which goes against the tradition of food habits of corporates and this helps  in two ways, First they stay in good health which is required in long term and second they even arrange for corporate dinner which is healthy for all.

The meal which your order is prepared under strict guidelines which ensures :

  • Calorie Counted and Low in Fat content
  • Prepared with Heart friendly Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil & Devoid of bad trans fats
  • Designed by an experienced Nutritionist
  • Comprised of right combination of food groups, which improves your Metabolism
  • Rich in complex Carbs, Lean Protein and essential Vitamins
  • Delivered in disposable meal trays, which can be Microwaved
Diet Dlivery

Diet Delivery

This service is now available in Mumbai only and the food can ordered on phone or via email. You have 30 Different Meal Combination and over  200 dishes from which you can choose and it is available both in veg and non veg. The team is headed by Nutrition Expert Dr. Panchali Moitra and Chef Vishal.  Thanks Netra

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  1. it should start atleast in all metropolitan cities… and should be encouraged by all the corporate offices.

  2. People enjoys eating Healthy Prepared gourmet meals more when delivered at home. It’s convenient for working professionals who have no time to cook a appropriate meal.

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