Dinesh Puri aims to manufacture affordable pacemakers in India

You would be surprised to know that 85% of the advanced medical devices are imported and no wonder the cost of surgeries, devices and skilled labours tend to get costly. Dinesh Puri who was once the president of Motorola South India is changing this.  He started with his idea of manufacturing medical devices in India itself with small unit and then turned it into a successful company, Medived which has 40 highly skilled people and produces Cardiac pacemakers and deals with contract of Class 2 and class 3 devices.

Dinesh Puri

Dinesh Puri

In India 2 million patients dies of cardiac arrest and cost of these devices are one of the major reasons why many could not be saved.  When compared to how medical insurance deals it is totally different. There its the liability of the Health Care to bear the cost of costly devices like pacemakers but in India this is a burden on an individual. Now if the Pacemakers can be developed in India rather than being imported the price can cut from 5000$ to 1200$ which is a massive price drop.

The effort made by this gentleman to give Indians a cheaper solution to advance medical devices is simply mind-blowing. The more we manufacture things like this in India more of the people can be saved indirectly.

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