Do I need to submit LPG KYC form?

The government has issued a stern warning that a household owning more than one LPG connection and not submitting the KYC form by the end of this month will not be able to avail of the cooking fuel at subsidized rates. Most of the Indian houses have multiple connections because of the high demand and low availability of the LPG. However, on my visit to the supplier, I did found that KYC was not compulsory for everybody. The gas companies are listing names of such customer and seem to be notifying them over the call or using their transparency report. In this post, I will share if you need to submit an LPG KYC form.

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How to check if you need to submit LPG KYC form

If you have more than one LPG connection, you should submit your KYC  form. However, you can make a check if you need to submit the form or not. Most of the LPG Suppliers have a website (through GAS TRANSPARENCY PORTAL) where this information can be validated.

Go to your respective supplier’s website. Look for a link or search form which says Check if you need KYC. You will need to search according to your consumer no or check out the transparency report where names of customers who need to fill in the KYC form are listed.

Below is an example of Indane

1) First, find your 17 digit LPG id. You can do it through a registered mobile number or Consumer + Distributor name. The second option is to use state, district, consumer number, distributor number, and so on.

Find your LPG ID

2) Next, visit the KYC/ Multiple connection check page, and enter the LPG ID

Check if your name is in suspect list of LPG

3) If you are in the list or marked for multiple connections, then you should submit your KYC to get connections verified. It is possible that you only have one connection, but you are on the list. In that case, you will need to visit your distributor and sort it out.

If your name is listed, you can download your KYC form from the Indane and Hindustan petroleum, and submit LPG KYC form at the center.

What is Know your customer (KYC)

KYC means  “Know your Customer,” is a term used for the customer identification process. It involves making reasonable efforts to decide the true identity of the person. KYC has two components –  Identity and Address. While identity remains the same, the address may change, and hence, the company is required to update their records periodically.

According to the government

Only those customers whose names seem in the respective oil marketing company’s (OMC) Transparency Portal has identified consumers using /holding multiple LPG connections (the list is also available with your LPG distributor). They need to submit the KYC details along with POI and POA before the revised deadline of 31st of December 2012.  Customers whose names do not appear in the transparency portal of oil companies as Multiple Connection Holders or the list available with your distributor need not, repeat need not, submit the KYC details.  The transparency portals of the respective OMC can be accessed through their websites on this website.

A customer having single LPG connection need not, therefore, rush to their distributors to submit LPG KYC form as they are not required to do so as of now.

The extended date for filling the KYC formalities is 31.12.2012. The LPG gas connection of multiple connection holders who fail to furnish the KYC forms by this date will be converted into Non-Domestic Exempt Categories rate connections. While a subsidized LPG cylinder weighing 14.2 kg costs Rs 410.50 in Delhi, the non-subsidised one is available only at around Rs 900.

Surrender Multiple Connections

If your name is not on the list, but you have multiple connections, you can choose to surrender on your own. On the official website of the gas company page, look for an option which says “Surrender Multiple Connection.” You can log in, and then exercise this option.

We hope this post cleared your doubt if you need to submit LPG KYC form.


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