Do you take receipt of your Taxi Fare [ Kolkata ]

In Kolkata around a month or two back, few Taxi ( Cab ) have been spotted with a mini printer attached to the meter. Being curious I asked around a couple of taxi drivers about the response. Summing up most of the taxi drivers said people were hardly bothered about it only a few like me take sometimes. Moreover the mini printer has issues with paper getting stuck.

Here is what the printer and the print out looks like and then a poll :

Taxi Mini Printer

Taxi Mini Printer

Taxi Meter Reciepet

Taxi Meter Reciepet

Like you can see above it has lot of details like :

  • Start Time, End Time, Waiting Time
  • Fares as per chart. How much you need to pay.
  • Helpline Number, Taxi Number etc.

And Here is the poll :

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  1. its really an eye opener.. many of us hardly bother to take the print… i was not aware that the print is really a detailed one.. its helpful for those who have any confusion in paying the exact fare.

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