Don’t pay more than MRP for packaged goods.

It is usually found and even observed by many of us  that many shopkeepers  sell their product more than the printed MRP. But  is this fair to charge more than MRP.Lets discuss more about it.

What is MRP ( Maximum Retail Price):

Maximum Retail Price is the price of the product at which it will be sold.It is inclusive of all taxes.Retailer  can sell at price below the MRP. In fact consumers should always look for retailers who sell below the MRP because the MRP is the maximum retail price allowed for that commodity and not the actual price and a retailer can well reduce his margin built into the MRP. But charging more than MRP is an offense.

Under the Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, all packed goods should carry certain essential information on the contents of the package, such as its weight or volume, the name and address of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture, and in case of food packages, the best before date and, of course, the maximum retail price (MRP).So it the duty of the buyer to check the MRP of the product and pay accordingly.

Some main problem that are generally face by the consumers:

  1. It has been observed by many of us that many small shops in our locality always charge more money for essential things like milk, mineral water, soft drinks  than the printed MRP. If  you will ask them for over charge, they will say it is the cost as cooling charge.
  2. Some times it has been found that the consumers go to market and take products from the shops without even looking the MRP written on the packaging and carton of the products. Shopkeeper take advantage of this and they charge extra.

To stop the practice of Over charging by the shopkeeper, consumer should be aware about their responsibility and rights.

So what do you think and do you have observe this problem?

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  1. Not to mention how people get ripped off at tourist spots! Sometimes even paying 25-50% extra for no good reason

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