Dos and don’ts in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important phase in the woman’s life and most exciting experience that a women can ever have. The thought of a small child developing inside the womb is so exicting The life of a woman changes a lot after the child is born. During pregnancy a lot of changes happening in the women’s body and according to them the lifestyle may be change. Here are top 10 good reminders about what to do and what not to do to benefits mother and babies.
Pregnancy clothes

Things to do :

  1. Food habits : One of the most important change is the dietary habit during pregnancy. You need to make sure that you and your baby are getting all the nutrients that you both needs to be healthy through out the pregnancy .Eat small nutritious snacks at the time of morning sickness .Variety in your diet is very important. You can take fruits, dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, etc. You should add green vegetables in your meal .During the course of pregnancy you will need to increase the intake of Proteins, folic acid and iron. Be sure that you are now eating for two.
  2. Regular medical checkups  : During the Pregnancy, you should get regular medical exams from your doctor as it is the easy and the best way to avoid the various type of problems and complications.
  3. Special focus on sleep : Many woman suffers from sleep problem generally in the first and third trimester. This may be because of anxiety, frequent urination, heart buns etc. Some babies remains quite active at night, (mine was ) and are constant on moving at night, giving mom no peace .In that case you should sleep during the day time.
  4. Be happy and think positive : The best way to keep the pregnancy healthy is to keep you happy. The positive attitude is the secret to keep the mom as well as the baby healthy and good.
  5. Keep yourself busy in the meaningful work : Another good point to keep the pregnancy healthy is that the pregnant women should keep herself busy in some good work like reading a baby book, watching cartoons show, go for outings, long drive etc.
  6. Always wear comfort clothes  : Select the most comfort clothes that you can wear during the time of pregnancy. Stylish Maternity clothes are available in the markets. However, the  material used in the clothes should be soft and light so it makes you more comfortable.
  7. Do regular exercise : Exercise is a big plus for the mother as well as the baby. During pregnancy, due to the increase in the size of foetus there may be back ache, leg pain, etc. Exercise will help you to feel better by relieving backaches, prevent wear and tear on your joints and boost your energy level.

Things to avoid :

  • Avoid high heels shoes. Try to wear flat shoes
  • Avoid to drink alcohol
  • avoid to eat junk food
  • avoid stress and negative thinking
  • Don’t use a water bed, sauna.
  • Travelling : It is required to have some special consideration if you are travelling out of city or country .Try to avoid travelling in the last month of pregnancy because of the difficulty in sitting in the same position for the long time.


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