DO’S & DON’TS in Stock Market

Here are some basics before you set ready to transact in share market. Probably all these things we know very well but despite knowing things sometimes we commit the mistake and create problems for ourselves. 

Share market trading

Share market trading

So “Better be safe than sorry” 


  • Deal through only a SEBI registered broker.
  • Sign a Member Client Agreement before dealing with your broker.
  • Insist on Contract Note for all Dealings directly from trader members.
  • Make Payment by Cheque/DD only from your own bank account  and make delivery of securities from your own beneficiary demat account, directly in the name of trading member.
  • Give Clear instructions to the broker/agent.


  •  Don’t deal with unregistered brokers/Sub brokers, intermediaries.
  • Don’t Leave the custody of your DMAT transaction slip book in the hands of an intermediaries.
  • Don’t fall a prey to promises of guaranteed returns.
  • Don’t blindly imitate the investment decisions of others who may have been profited from their investment decisions.

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