DoT getting tough on Telecom Players

Looks like Government is tightening their gears on security issues and specially on Telecom sector, after all after 26/11 there had been much fire around how people get access to Mobile phones even though there is a compulsory registration and verification process in place.

The Depart Of Telecom, India, has asked S Tel to stop mobile services in Himachal, Orissa and Bihar circles because of security issues. S Tel is joint venture between Baharain Telecom Company and Siva Group which has 6 lakhs of subscribers and has licence in Himachal, Orissa, Bihar, J& K and Assam. DoT letter states that “S Tel should stop voice and data services in circlers of HP, Orissa and Bihar because of National security concerns.”

Well Stel will have to figure out whats going on but on the other side it seems Government has started working hard when it is coming to security. I hope security gets tightened up a little more and rules and regulations gets followed.

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