Download Free English to Kannada Dictionary

English to Kannada Dictionary lets you find what would an English Word mean in Kannada ? English to Kannada Dictionary ( from Kannada Kasturi ) is a free windows application which lets you find word meaning of English in Kannada. All you need is to register with them and download a free copy of the English to Kannada  application.

English kannada dictionary

English Kannada dictionary

This dictionary has 50000 words with advantages of Print, managing your own version and do an Import and export if you want to share it with others or when you switch computers.

Manage kannada english dictionary

Manage Kannada english dictionary

Kannada Kasturi is an Indian Website dedicated to help people do a Kannada to Kannada to English, English to Kannada, Sanskrit to Kannada and also do a Spellcheck using their online version. Download the file from here, you will have to register to download it.

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