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Telling a story to a kid when he goes to bed had been practiced all the time in Human evolution. In India, most of the time mothers or grandmothers take this reponisibility to tell a bed time story. These stories not only make children happy but also teaches them about cahrcaters, good, bad and different aspects of human life.

My mom used to tell me a lot when I was a kid and I had always asked how they looked and that led me to reading comic books. Even though the comic books dont show me exactly how they would have looked into real life but they can give me picture to visualize.

With time as people get more aware of computer, internet and mobile, It would not be surprising if my son would like to have it as Wallpaper on his first laptop and so will be your kid.  So here is a resource which can let you download the most famours and narrated chacracter of Indian Stories ( Amar Chitra Katha ) like Abhimanyu, Birbal, Chandakya, Jataka Kathas, Krishna, Mirabai, Urvashi, Narada, Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Urvashi etc.



Thats two of them and rest you can download from ACK Media Download Wallpapers Section

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